Matthew and Taylor

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How We Met

We met work.

How They Asked

I’m kicked her out of the house at 8 am to go get pampered with no kids for the day and acting like I’m going to work. When she leaves the deep cleaning of the house will get started. My mom will come over masking the fact that I won’t be going to work and help me with the kids while we set up. Meaning removing all Halloween decorations and replacing them all with sunflower decorations. My mom will be taking the kids for the night. Then at about 5 the private chef will come over and start getting everything prepared for appetizer, dinner, and dessert. I’m putting a sign in front that says congrats on nursing school and then one inside the yard in order to not spoil the surprise when she comes home that says “Will you marry me Taylor” she should come home dressed in her new outfit thinking we’re going out but really…ill have the house cleaned and covered with her favorite flowers of roses and sunflowers with dinner waiting with a cool little Rubix cube of 9 different pictures of us.. 1 of them is from our first date. Then at 8 pm friends will arrive congratulating her on getting into nursing school. Then at 9 ill have the sign lit up on the side of the house. While I set up I’ll hand her a book that I had made with characters that look like us with a bunch of reasons why I love her and walk away. I’ll go to the side of the house while her friends gradually get her over to the side where ill be waiting.