Stephanie and Matthew

How We Met

After both not really having any luck in the dating world we both decided to take our luck to tinder, which is where we met! We spoke for over 2 weeks thru the silly little app and finally set up a date to meet. I don’t know what got over me but I actually let him pick me up at my house for our first date, and first time meeting! As soon as I opened my front door I knew he was the one, he says the same about me!

how they asked

We were in the middle of the ocean, on a cruise ship with both of our parents and his grandparents. Family is the most important thing to me as I was adopted and feel so lucky to have my parents. His family is just as important and to have them there with us to share the moment was incredible. To add to the spectacular moment, he asked with his mothers ring. I am beyond blessed to have 2 wonderful families as we start our future together. As I am extremely lucky to have him

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