Matthew and Stephanie

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How We Met

We were neighbors and friends throughout our childhood and high school years. We both went our separate ways and those paths were filled with disappointment and suffering. After many years of loosing contact I reached out to Stephanie after seeing something dramatic was changing in her life. She explained she had accepted Jesus through her church and invited me to attend. I wanted peace and freedom in my own life so I took the invitation. We became best friends over the next few months. I also accepted Jesus in my life and soon after we decided to date. The love we developed has been like nothing either of us even knew existed.

how they asked

I had Stephanie cousin ask her to participate in an awareness event at the beach. She got her there and sent her of with a basket telling her she loved her and that these three things remain. Three couples that helped us along our journey were positioned along her walk to me on the beach. They handed her three shells with words written on them; hope, faith, and love. Her parents took the basket from her and told her the greatest of these is love. Stephanie walked over to me standing inside a heart drawn in the sand where I said a prayer. I told her I wanted to love her forever and proposed. The entire time we had Angel by Casting Crowns being played on the guitar from a member of our church. The video paints the picture.

Our Video

Special Thanks

Ben Eaton
 | Videographer