Matthew and Samantha

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How We Met

Matthew and I met back in high school. We both had an elective together that was with a new teacher that year. Not much of our story happened here. As he would tell it, he found me somewhat “annoying”(I’m a talker, it’s okay) and I slipped him my number for his friend. Little did I know annoying made me stand out and my number never made it further than his notebook. After the semester ended he found himself missing my presense and he texted me a get well text after my wisdom teeth were taken out. When I saw him the next time in the hall way he grabbed my face to tell me he was happy to see me. I was in too much shock from the pain of the event. This led to a kiss of apology and the rest is what we like to call history!

how they asked

What a perfect day and trip it was turning out to be. We were in Nashville for our first trip with his work. His boss is a very generous man! That morning we had started off the day by eating at Opryland for breakfast. Not only was the view breathtaking but our company for breakfast made the day that much better. We then went to tour The Grand Ole Opry. For anyone that knows me a little at all knows that my heart and soul love the south and country music so the whole thing was fascinating. After the tour we headed back to get ready for our private party at the famous Blue Bird Cafe. We has three singer/songwriters put on a private show just for us. One songwriter has written many of Jake Owen’s hit songs which is my favorite artist! Needless to say I died a little drinking beer and singing along. Little did I know Matthew and his boss had other plans. At the end of the last round of songs I felt a tap on my shoulder and there it was! My gorgeous ring in my high school sweetheart’s hand. Champagne followed with a limo ride and night on the town. I still relive that day over and over. I can’t thank everyone involved enough.

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Moments by Moser
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