Matthew and Maria

How We Met: Matt and I met on July 4th, 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky…neither of us were on our home turf. I am the Executive Director for a 501c3 youth success program, Eagle U, that gives high school and college students a 7-year head start on their future careers. We host the program on a college campus each summer, and this summer we were at the University of Louisville. Matt and  I are both alums of the program, but have never met each other.  We each attended Eagle U nearly 13 years ago…eek that ages us!


The founder of the program, and a mentor to both of us, had invited Matt to come back as a faculty member now that he had built two successful companies using the Eagle U success principles.  Prior to the program my email and phone communication with him had been nothing short of “unimpressive”.  He was unwilling to give me his “bio” to put up on our website and so I had labeled him a “Mr. Diva” in my mind, but don’t tell him I said that. When he arrived on campus on July 4th, the “unimpressed” streak continued.  I, very excited to begin my favorite week of the year, was a little too jolly for Matt who had just driven 6 hours and gotten off a really bad business call.  He just wanted to get his parking pass and get me out of his way! In the longer version of our video you can hear the full story…so I won’t bore you here.

After a week at Eagle U, we had just began to develop a friendship as Matt had shared with me some insights he learned from a recent engagement gone-wrong.  I was in a current situation where I needed to hear that insight.  Once we were both “available” we found ourselves inseparable even though we lived several states away.  In just a few months we found the person who we were each looking for in each other, and made lots of our high school and college students happy when they saw our Facebook status change.

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how they asked

Matt and I are not shy about our shortcomings, failures, mistakes, and messups.  We like to learn from people who have successfully gotten to where it is we want to go.  So in our short year of dating, we have always focused on finding mentors and being completely open to growth.

It is our nature to “over-share”, which many think is the best and worst thing about each of us.  So it was no surprise to me when Matt approached me about sharing “our story” on video. Matt had told me that an amazing video production company, Friendly Human, had asked us to be one of several couples to dish on how we have made “doing good” in the community a critical element of our relationship…and why our chosen program, Eagle U, had created a foundation for success in each of us.  I was a little confused as to exactly how our story could help another organization, but I was onboard to help in any way that I could! So when you watch our video, you will see the setup of the interview…and the FULL 29 minutes I had to go through to get to the final question…the best question…the question I was not ready for…but am so glad I was asked!


Special Thanks

Friendly Human
Eagle U
Youth Success Program