Maria and Matthew

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How We Met

About four and a half years ago, on my 21st birthday, it seemed that one bad thing was happening after another. I did not want to go out to celebrate and only wanted to stay home to watch movies and eat ice cream by myself. But, my girlfriends insisted that we go downtown. After the first few hours of fun, they decided to call their guy friends over to meet us in Boston. I was later told that Matt did not want to go out that night either, but his friends convinced him to come out. I have heard Matt’s name in conversation before, but never met him. Then, in the middle of a crowded night in Boston, we started talking. After I went home that night, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. It’s a little hard to push a handsome six foot six man to the back of your mind :). A few days later, I told one of my friends that I thought Matt was very cute. We exchanged numbers, and the rest was history. He was worried that since he was leaving for baseball in a few weeks, that I would not want to start a relationship that involved so much driving and distance. I said I didn’t care. At the time, I didn’t know anything about baseball and had no interest in ever watching it. But, little did I know, this was the man that was going to ask me to marry him 4 years later. 3 years out of our relationship, he played baseball in different states far away from me. After months of travel, freezing while watching games in the bleachers, big hugs and kisses after games, and long flights during his summer season, it was clear as day that this is my absolute best friend. I feel so beyond lucky to have such a selfless, funny, caring, and wonderful man by my side. I am so glad I let my friends convince me to go out!

how they asked

On Tuesday, December 22nd, I was having a pretty terrible day at work. In the morning, Matt told me he would be coaching baseball until about 9:30pm that night, so I didn’t feel a rush to come home after work. We live together in a big condo and I didn’t feel like being by myself for too long that night. So, to waste some time, I went to a few stores to exchange shoes, get some more Christmas decorations, and stopped by to get french fries (hey, I said it was a long day!). As soon as I open the door to our place at around 8:30 pm, I see a gift wrapped box on the ground that says “You’ve been so good this year, you can open this gift a few days early. -Santa”. I thought to myself that since nobody was home and the only things that were on were the Christmas lights, that Matt just wanted me to come home to a nice little Christmas surprise after having a long day. I open the gift, which is a big empty Brilliant Earth Box that has a note inside “Good things come to those who wait, unless you check your stocking.” I run over to the stocking, my heart beating out of my chest. Inside, is a wrapped up Brilliant Earth ring cleaner that says “You might need this for what’s in the small tree *bedroom”. I run over to the bedroom and notice there are two notes hanging on our small Christmas tree. One has a Brilliant Earth necklace attached to it and it says “I hope this is what you wanted for Christmas”. The other says “I think there’s one more gift in the living room”. I rush over to the living room, still thinking I am home alone. As I stand dumbfounded looking at the Christmas tree, the guest bedroom door opens behind me. Matt comes out and gets on one knee and says “Will you marry me?”. Of course I said yes! My heart felt like it completely left my body and I couldn’t breathe! He pulls out a bottle of champagne from under the tree and says, “Let’s go see your parents!”. On the ride over, he tells me that he had something to give them. He ordered a customized “Future Mrs. Horan” ornament to hang on their tree. This was truly a night that I will replay in my head the rest of my life. I am so lucky.

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