Matthew and Makensie

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How We Met

I’m almost positive that if you asked both Matthew and I how we met we would give you different answers. Then we would bicker about it because he swears the way I remember it didn’t happen and vice versa. It gets comical but it is besides the point. We met. We fell in love. Now our story continues. There is no denying that the odds were against us from the start. Long distance and bad timing. But we pulled through and I couldn’t imagine doing life without him. Through all the zip codes, new teams and job changes… it doesn’t matter. My sister always says “y’all are perfect for each other” and it’s true. We are imperfectly perfect for each other and it is just beginning.

How They Asked

My now fiancé is a football coach. Our world revolves around football but I love it. So our proposal story is a dream. It happened after the first game of the season. The first win was my biggest win. Surrounded by all his fellow coaches and players. The moment could not have been more perfect. I

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Special Thanks

Kirstin Hinkle
 | Photographer