Matthew and Louis

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Positano, Italy

How We Met

Louie and I met back in 2008 when we were both in high school. We were two closeted gay teenagers, not quite understanding our sexuality yet. We became friends, then best friends, then realized that we were completely in love with each other. We started dating on April 24th, 2010, and have been together since. From high school to college to our first jobs to everything in between, we are two high school sweethearts that were destined to be together.

How They Asked

In May 2019, Louie and I (and our best friend Lex!) went on an Italian adventure – we explored Milan, Rome, Sorrento, & the Amalfi Coast, all in 10 days. On the second to last day in Italy, the three of us left the Sorrento port and headed to Positano, a stunning town built into mountains off the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Louie was noticeably quiet all morning, but I kept seeing him looking at me (especially on our 30-minute boat ride). We arrived in Positano and immediately headed to brunch, where Louie continued to appear visually nervous – I thought he was just being grumpy!

We left breakfast, and I, who have always been a natural explorer, mentioned that we should continue walking up the hill to get even better views. Louie, who has absolutely no concept of direction, advised that we should walk back down the mountain. Very confused, I agreed and Louie took us to the entrance of the Le Sirenuse hotel, known for one of the most gorgeous views of the town. “I hope we can sneak in!” Louie joked.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Positano, Italy

We were able to walk through the lobby and to the balcony, which held up to its reputation – it was the most breathtaking view we have ever seen. We asked Lex, also a professional photographer, to take some pictures of us with the background. Then, Louie turned to me and told me how much he loved me, began to cry, and asked me to marry him. I made the easiest decision of my life.

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