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How We Met: Matthew and I met March 3, 2014 while he was leading worship for a dance tour I was a part of. He is a very gifted musician and I was very aware of that. I thought he was very talented and seemed incredibly cool, but I spent the next 3 hours crying on the floor rather than analyzing this boy I had just met. However, he says that day he knew I was different and he began analyzing his feelings toward me. We didn’t confess our feelings for each other until a few months later at the end of July, and didn’t begin dating until January of 2015.

how they asked: I had been at home visiting family for the past week and at the last minute had to take a train back to Montana because the highway was closed due to wildfires. I was so excited to see Matthew after a week apart and expected to see him once I got off the train. Instead, 2 of our friends were there to pick me up with a rose saying “we were already in town so Matt asked us to just pick you up instead.” Some might think the rose was a romantic gesture but I was just mad at him. After the 45 minute drive back to Lakeside where we live, our friends suddenly pulled over the car and blindfolded me.

I hate blindfolds, so rather than catching on to what was happening I just began getting more angry. After driving around for a few minutes I was finally let out of the car and freed from the blindfold. And the first thing my eyes got to see was a lantern-lit path to a tent glowing in lights. It had been pouring rain all day, but stopped just in time for me to get out of the car and to walk up and meet Matthew in this beautiful, glowing tent. After a few minutes of him adorably stuttering over endearing words, he got down on one knee and popped the question.

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I was so overwhelmed with joy I almost forgot to answer, but finally and excitedly spit out the “yes”. There was even an after party at his parents house to celebrate this new step in our journey together.

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