Kelsey and Matthew

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How We Met

Matthew and I met in July 2012 at The University of Alabama during our sophomore year of college. We ended up as next door neighbors on the top floor of our apartment complex. When I first saw Matthew, I was instantly attracted to him, but we were both dating different people at the time. That Fall, we were both in the same math class, and he sat a few rows in front of me the whole semester. When we would cross paths, we would say hello but were too shy to say anything else! When the Spring semester rolled around, we were both taking an entry level accounting class required for all business majors. Somehow in March 2013, we started tweeting each other, and he ended up coming to help me with accounting homework one night. That night, I knew I really liked him and didn’t want him to go anywhere. Our tutoring sessions turned into daily hang outs and lunch dates on our adjoining front porch.

My sorority ended up having a big date party called Faunsdale during the month of March, and I knew I wanted to ask Matthew. However, my roommate set him up with her friend because she was going with his roommate. When I found out, I was instantly bummed, but thankfully I was able to ask one of my guy friends to the party. Once we got to Faunsdale, we ditched our dates and danced the night away! Whoops! Even though we felt bad leaving our dates, I am so glad we did because we never looked back. That night, we found “our song”, and I can’t wait to dance to it again with him for our first dance. God placed Matthew into my life at the perfect time because God’s timing is perfect. I am so thankful for him and am blessed that we were able to date for three and a half years before getting engaged. I can’t wait to marry him!

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how they asked

A few weeks before Matthew proposed, I mentioned to my mom that we needed to get some family photos soon since we hadn’t taken any in years, and we now had my precious six month old niece in our lives! When Matthew decided to propose, he went to a jewelry store and bought the ring the same day. He soon asked my parents to meet him for dinner at Seasons 52. The night they went out, they told me it was date night, so I made other plans. At dinner, he asked for my hand in marriage, and they were ecstatic! Matthew wasn’t sure when or even how he would do it exactly, but my mom mentioned that I wanted some family photos. They quickly planned everything in just one short week and convinced me it was just a family photoshoot!

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Saturday rolled around and we started taking our family photos. When we were close to being done, my mom mentioned that Matthew and I should take some together. We agreed, and he nervously walked with me to find the perfect spot. After finally walking me to a bridge in the park, he asked the photographer if she knew of any more poses. I instantly knew this was not something he would have asked since he hates taking a lot of pictures! He looked at me and said, “How about we pose for this?”

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Matthew got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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I was so shocked, but all I could do was say yes!!

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He was so nervous putting the beautiful ring on my finger, that he had to use both hands! Both of our families were there with us, and we instantly celebrated. Matthew told me he loved me for the first time on a bridge, so the proposal spot was extra special to us! The whole proposal was so perfect for us, and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

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