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How We Met

Matthew & I went to rival high schools (Go Mooney!) and knew each other from mutual friends. We still to this day debate on who requested who on Facebook back in 2008! After about a week or two of “liking” each others photos on social media, Matthew messaged me and asked if he could take me out. Being a typical girl, I instantly group chatted my girlfriends to tell them it was “the best day ever”. I secretly had a crush on him for about a month so i was ecstacic when he asked! Matthew and I went on our first date December 30, 2014. I remember that day like it was yesterday. We went to a brewery in downtown Youngstown called The Rust Belt, and then headed over to our favorite local restaurant, the MVR. We make it a tradition on our anniversary to relive that evening and go back to those same two spots. After our first date I remember leaving Matthews side for 10 seconds and speed dialing my best friend. As dramatic as I am, I told her “OMG!! I’m going to marry him.” Little did I know, I really was!!!

how they asked

The proposal is my favorite story just because I was actually SO surprised and I’m probably the hardest person to surprise. Matthew and I looked at engagement rings a handful of times. It was the last week in December and our anniversary just happened to fall on a Friday and I was off work that night. Matthew and I made our traditional plans of going to the Rust Belt and the MVR like the night of our first date. I ended up picking a shift up at work for that morning and got suckered into taking part of the evening call. I told Matthew the news and I thought maybe a proposal was in the works due to his reaction. I was obviously texting my girlfriends immediately saying I was so suspicious! My coworkers knew what Matthew was up to and I just so happen to get two texts saying my shift was covered and even call (NOONE volunteers to take call LOL).. I was planning my nail color and my outfit 5 days in advance because I was CONVINCED he was proposing on our anniversary. My dad even called me and said he wanted to take Matthew and I out to dinner before he leaves town for the weekend so I KNEW something was up. I figured he was taking us to dinner because he wasn’t going to be there Friday for the engagement.

So fast forward 3 days which was Wednesday the 28th. My dad knew I was off that day so he told me he made dinner plans for 5:45 at the Lake Club. I did my usual morning routine of going to the gym and preparing breakfast. I ran a few errands and fell asleep on the couch. I woke up at 4:21p (in my sweats from the gym still, gross!) to a text from my sister asking if I was home and that she wasn’t feeling good. Knowing she was 30 some weeks pregnant and being the worrier I am, I instantly called her to ask if she was okay. My sister said she felt really weird and that her husband wasn’t home and asked if I would come up to just sit with her in case something happened. She also told me that she heard dogs have a weird second sense and asked if I could bring Scout, our golden retriever, over to see how he acts around her (I should’ve knew then that something was up but didn’t because I was so worried that I might be delivering a baby in her kitchen LOL!).

I threw on the nearest shoes and loaded Scout in the car and crossed the street to her house. I called Matthew on my way out the door to tell him I probably wasn’t making dinner with my dad since I didn’t shower yet and might be taking my sister to the hospital to deliver this baby! Buttttttt he didn’t answer… he did call back when I pulled in her driveway and I’m not even sure what I said to him because I was so flustered thinking of me delivering a baby any given moment. I ran into Tara’s house and insisted on taking her to the ER. She said her pain didn’t feel like contractions at the moment but a million of other complications ran through my mind. She said she felt a little better pacing the kitchen so she suggested let’s walk outside to get some fresh air. We (including Scout) venture outside and walk their gravel driveway towards the back, near the woods, very slow and occasionally stopping for a break.

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We reached the back and she sprouts up and says “this is where I leave you!” I was so confused that she instantly felt better after our short walk that the thought of a proposal STILL didn’t cross my mind. It wasn’t until I turned around and found a candlelit pathway in the woods where Matthew was standing at the end.

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The next 15 minutes after that are still a blur because I swear I was dreaming! I do remember Scout acting crazy after he spotted our photographer, Carlyn, hiding behind a tree! After many photos, laughs, tears, hugs and kisses, our wonderful photographer Carlyn said there’s another surprise! I turned back to the pathway to our families walking towards us with champagne and cups! We toasted in the woods and headed back to the house because we were ALL going to dinner. There was one more surprise!! My brother in law is a pyro at heart. He shot off some fireworks to cap off the celebration. It was truly the most memorable evening we have had. Although I wasn’t wearing the outfit I planned or the nail color I chose, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I’m so lucky to be marrying my best friend

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