Matthew and Kara

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How We Met

Matthew and I met in our Cultural Anthropology class in college in 2013. We were assigned to be partners on an interview assignment by our teacher. After the assignment we talked a little bit after the class, and he tried to walk me to my car. As a skeptical millennial woman I was a little hesitant at first about him following me to my car. After about two weeks of him walking with me and talking about music, cultures, our class, and the upcoming projects, he asked me to go and see his band play at a club downtown. I agreed, and bought three tickets. (I was not attending an event alone.) Two of my friends came with me to make sure I was in the clear. Matt and I talked nonstop for the hours leading up to his bands time. I felt guilty later because I was having such a great conversation with him, I completely forgot about my friends. (Who forgave me when I told them.) After he got up on stage and a Rush song wafted around, the rest is history. He asked me out to dinner later that weekend, and I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

how they asked

We were backpacking in the Rocky Mountain National Park for my birthday. On our last leg of the final hike out, he asked if we could stop in the basin to take some photos. I didn’t think anything of it because he is a photographer/videographer, and we had been taking pictures nonstop since our arrival. We sat our packs down and he started setting up for his shots. We took a few goofy pictures with the timer. Since it was just the two of us we had to get creative if we wanted any pictures that were not just selfies. On the last shot, he came over to me and said “Kara I have a question for you.” I turned and said “Yes?” Matthew doesn’t usually call me by my given name. He dropped down on one knee and my eyes started to tear up. He asked me to marry him, and again, I didn’t hesitate saying yes. 5 years together, and he still knows how to take my breath away.

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