Brittany and Matthew

How We Met

We met at McDonalds in June 2013. He was my boss. I was his barista and he pretended to love coffee. We waited 3 years for each other until we knew that it was really forever. After 3 years of being just friends, not wanting a relationship if we weren’t certain we were both in it for the long haul.

We made it official on March 5th 2015. After one year, five months and five days together he asked me that question.

He had been writing me a letter a day for two whole months in a hand made envelope every single day leading up to that.

how they asked

He sent me on a ladies weekend to his parent’s holiday house in Philip Island.


He said the girls were taking me out to dinner so we all got dolled up and one suggested we go for a walk before dinner.


That’s where the video takes over. At the end you’ll see 40 of our family and closest friends there to celebrate when we got back to the house.


Im still reeling, he’s my dream come true!


Our Video

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