Matthew and Ashley

How We Met: We both attended the same Christian college. One day, I went to all of my classes like normal. Little did I know, that a certain young man went to the academic advisor and got my entire class schedule! (A little stalkerish since I didn’t know who he was or I had never seen him before but in creativity points he gets an A+.) I guess he had seen me around, knew that I was the girl he wanted to date, but he didn’t even know my name!

Well, back to the story. When I got to each of my classes that day, on my chair there was a heart with a part of a poem on it. In chapel there was a heart that said, “Will you go to the Valentine’s banquet with me?” Although we didn’t go to the banquet, we did go on a date later that week. Three years later I couldn’t be happier! I can’t wait to be his wife!

how they asked: Well, it started out as a normal Saturday morning (Even though it was my birthday). I was garage saling with my mom and a few ladies, and Matt was at men’s prayer breakfast (well, so I thought). We had picked through a couple garage sales and my mom said that we had passed a sign. She said she would turn around and go back. She turned the car around in a park.

When we pulled into the park, I saw Matt standing there! I got out, we walked up the hill together, and stopped at a gazebo. In the gazebo, he had built a massive wall out of pallets that said, “Will you marry me?” He got down on one knee and said, “Ashley, we have been together for 1,255 days… and I want to know if you will make it forever.” I said, “Yes!” (through tears) as he handed me the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen!

Image 1 of Matthew and Ashley

It truly was the best birthday present ever.

Image 2 of Matthew and Ashley

Image 3 of Matthew and Ashley

Image 4 of Matthew and Ashley

Yes, I’m a little excited! :)

Photos by: Dawn Ashley Photography