Matthew and Ashley

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How We Met

Matt and I went to the same community college and swam on the swim team. It was Matt’s second year on the team and my first year. We didn’t swim in the same lane and hung out with two totally different groups of people. Our groups even had names. Matt was part of the “Breakfast Club” who went to breakfast everyday together after swim practice and I was part of the “Bagel Crew” who went to breakfast together after practice. One day at a swim meet, my bestfriend, Leeanna, and I were walking around to people on the swim team and giving them food names. (we were immature and bored in between our races) We told people we were going to call them corn on the cob, apple, broccoli, just random food names. We go up to Matt, who we didn’t really know to well, and said, we’ll call you strawberry!

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He thought we were crazy and said okay and went to get ready for his race. That night, the Bagel Crew was hanging out at Isaac’s house playing Mario Cart. Matt texted Nathan asking for either mine or Leeanna’s number because he had to tell us something. Nate gave him my phone number just because A came up before L in his phone. Almost immediately, I got a text saying “You should call me Kiwi because I’m furry on the outside and sweet on the inside.” From that text on, the Breakfast Club and the Bagel Crew started to hang out together, as one big group. The week of April 5th, 2010, Matt and his entire family were spending a few days at Disneyland because his Grandma had gotten them all season passes for Christmas.

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My mom had mentioned that she wanted to go to Disneyland one day over spring break so we decided to go on the Tuesday of that week. That was the day I met Matt’s entire family. My mom, my sister, Matt, his sister and I hung out all day at Disneyland while the rest of his family did their own thing. We road Space Mountain (I was freaking out because I hate roller coasters) Matt and I sat next to each other on the ride and he knew I was scared so he held my hand. We spent the entire day together and then he road home with us so he could go to swim practice the rest of the week while the rest of his family stayed at Disneyland. We ended up getting season passes and went to Disneyland ALOT. That became our place.

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how they asked

On May 20, 2017, My mom, my sister and I were going to Disneyland and we were going to meet up with Matt’s mom and sister. We get there and its 95 degrees out and very crowded. I even texted Matt saying “It’s really hot here. there are tons of people here. it took us 2 and 1/2 hours to get here. you would be miserable.” Little did I know he was at Disneyland suffering too. So we get inside the gate and my sister says “let’s get a pretzel” so we stand in line to get a pretzel.

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As we are eating the pretzel, she says “I want a pickle” so we walk over and stand in line to get a pickle. While we are in line, Matt’s sister calls me and says “hey, we are here, want to meet in front of the castle so we can take some pictures before it gets really crowded?” I say sure and tell my mom and sister and then my sister decides she doesn’t need the pickle anymore, she can get it later. So we head over to the castle and say hello to Bonnie and Ashley (Matt’s mom and sister) and pose for a picture.

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As the photographer is taking pictures, he says “okay, now you put your hands in the air like you’re holding Tinkerbell, and everyone else kneel down.” So we did, and they all lifted their shirts up because they were wearing shirts underneath that read “will you marry me?” Then Matt comes walking up to me.

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I’m shocked because it is 95 degrees out and super crowded and Matt doesn’t enjoy the heat or crowds. I give him a kiss and ask what the heck he is doing here.

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He says “I wanted to surprise you, look over there” so I turn to our mom’s and sisters and finally read the shirts and then turn back to Matt who is on one knee. It was the perfect day.

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