Matthew and Amanda

Amanda and Matthew's Engagement in Waldorf Astoria, NYC

how we met

Matt and I met 9 years ago at a restaurant we both worked for. I was the bartender, he at the time, was a server. We became friends fast as we both worked every Friday night together. Many shifts were spent stocking the bar and talking for hours about our families and our futures. Matt has always been the most thoughtful person and there were many years I even helped him pick out gifts for girls he was dating. (Go Figure!) He always used to tell me that “I had the best taste”. Matt is four years younger than me so for many years we were friends but I had never looked at him in that way. As the years went by, the “young” guy who used to help me cut lemons in the morning started to appear to me more as the man I had been waiting so long to find. As fate would have it, we were both single at the same time. We started to spend more time outside of work talking about life, love, and our friendship grew even stronger.

One night when we went out for drinks Matt finally spilt the beans about how he really felt about me. He said “You are everything I ever wanted to find in a person”. I knew that I felt the same way but I didn’t want to jeopardize our years of friendship at first. Matt knew right away that it was going to work out. He was right. (He usually is!) For years, every box that was too heavy, he carried. Every snow storm he would warm up my car. For the past 9 years he was ALWAYS there. It’s funny how you sometimes don’t realize what is in front of you all along. I couldn’t be more proud or feel more lucky that I get to marry such a wonderful person who is also my best friend.

Amanda's Proposal in Waldorf Astoria, NYC

how they asked

Fast forward to the present! Matt is no longer a server and is now part of the NYPD. He had so much overtime this month that I had hardly seen him. My step-dad messaged me that he had gotten me tickets from a colleague to a Bar Expo at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC. I am very passionate about cocktails and have been trying to grow my career so I jumped at the opportunity to attend. I felt badly that we only had two tickets and that Matt couldn’t attend, He didn’t mind and offered to instead meet us in the city afterwards for dinner and drinks. I woke up that morning exhausted (I did a cocktail demonstration the day before) and I really didn’t want to go to the expo. Matt convinced me to dress up bring business cards and go. I got on the train by myself (I almost missed it!) and met my step-dad in Grand Central. He was waiting for me and seemed a bit stressed. I started to ask him a good 50 questions about this expo because I started stressing that I am going to this event that I knew nothing about. He answered every question with such ease and then pulled two tickets out of his coat pocket. (Matt even made fake expo tickets!) He said “we can’t be late!”


I tried my best to quickly follow behind him in my heels. I was actually getting annoyed and yelling to him that “it’s not a big deal if we are a few minutes late.” Little did I know the reason for my step-dad’s stress! We walk into the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and we hand the concierge our tickets. She says “Oh hello! You’re here for the Bar Expo!” I said yes we are. She brings me into the elevator and she starts asking me about cocktails and telling me about all the big deal vendors that are going to be there. (She was so good! She deserves an academy award!) When we got out the the elevator she walked me over to the room and opened the doors to the expo.

Proposal Ideas Waldorf Astoria, NYC

There was no Expo! It was just Matt standing in a giant room smiling at me. I immediately started crying and ran into his arms. I couldn’t stop laughing over how silly I felt for all the things I had said and done regarding this “bar expo”. We laughed and cried and laughed some more.

Somewhere in between I shrieked “yes” and jumped up and down. It was honestly the best day of my life that I have had so far. The only one that might surpass it is when we finally get to say “I do”.

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