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How We Met

I was born and raised in Minnesota and lived in Waconia, a small town in the suburbs of the city. I worked at the local McDonalds as a teenager. Matt was born and raised in Oklahoma until he was 17. At this time his family relocated to Mayer Minnesota. After moving Matthew began working at the local McDonalds as well. As soon as we started working together we became fast friends. We spent a lot of time together after work and on our days off. We talked and texted constantly. It seemed liked the corniest thing at the time but Matt gave me butterflies every time we were together. I waited for his texts or for those days when we worked together and would get so excited whenever I could see or talk to him. He became my best friend. We went to Prom, baseball games, and just enjoyed driving around together. When I moved to Minneapolis for college, Matt would come over once a week when I had a day off and take me to dinner. I was falling madly in love with him (but would never admit that I loved him as more than a friend). Matt returned to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving and the day he returned to Minnesota he came and took me to dinner. This day, November 26th 2012, is the day he asked me to be his girlfriend. He gave me a necklace that he had found in Oklahoma and we officially became a couple.

I was already madly in love with Matt and he reciprocated those feelings thus it didn’t take long for us to tell each other I love you. The first couple years of our relationship we lived an hour away from one another since we went to different colleges. We would see each other on our days off and Matt would come stay at my apartment so we could spend more time together. In May of 2015 I graduated from college and that summer Matt and I moved into an apartment in Roseville Minnesota together.

We both worked a ton and I went on to graduate school. But living together strengthened our relationship even more. We learned to grow together. How to make decisions as a couple. I looked forward to coming home to him every night and knew that no matter how busy our days were between work and school, we would have time together to reflect at the end of the day.

In April of 2017 we decided to buy a house! We fell in love with a new neighborhood being built in Waverly Minnesota and ended up building a house out there! In May of 2017, after 4 and a half years together, Matt asked me to be his WIFE (more on that amazing day below)!!

We moved into our new house in June of 2017. I graduated from Grad School in December of 2017 with my best friend cheering me on the whole way.

Reflecting on the 5 and a half years we have been together now I know that Matt has absolutely changed my life. We have been there for each other in our successes, we have seen each other fail. Life has thrown hardships our way but we have leaned on each other to overcome them. Matt is the person that I want to call whenever I have good news. He is the person that makes my heart flutter whenever I hear his voice. We started a relationship at a young age and are in the midst of the craziest part of our lives but I long for the time when I get to come home at the end of the day and tell Matt all about it. Through every celebration, hardship, or just a plain old day, we did it together. We have grown up and become adults together. We have experienced some of the most exciting years and moments of our lives together. The adventures we’ve had and the memories we have made have changed my life. Matt is the hardest working, kindest, most loving person I know. I could not ask for a better or more supportive person to have by my side. I am so thankful everyday that I fell in love with my best friend. “I loved him to the moon and back then, I do still, I always have and I always will” <3

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how they asked

Every year Matt and I have had professional photos taken. We usually would go to JcPenny and do a simple photoshoot. We loved seeing how much we have changed over the years. 2017 was a bit different. We had just bought a house and were having one of the most life changing times in our lives. We did not have many family photos that included our parents so Matt asked if we wanted to do family photos this year instead of individual photos so we had some for the house. I agreed. Towards the end of May Matt had told me that he found a photographer that would do family photos for us. He said she had limited availability so he would have to pick me up from work that Saturday and take me. On May 27th 2017 he picked me up from work and drove me to Crown College in St. Boni. My parents, his parents, and his sister were present. We were having fun taking pictures and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. After about 30 minutes the photographer asked us to come together for a group photo. After a couple minutes I felt Matt move beside me. I turned to see what he was doing and he was down on one knee. I instantly started to tear up. With our parents watching he asked me to marry him. I had imagined this moment 100 times and it was absolutely perfect. I was speechless and could not stop crying. We took some pictures after the proposal and I am so thankful it was all captured on picture and video so we can relive this moment! Our parents had arranged a surprise celebration afterwards and we enjoyed the evening of celebrations!

After four and a half years together I could not believe I was finally ENGAGED to my best friend. As it turns out Matt had been planning the proposal for months and had purchased a ring two months prior. The ring had been at his parents house and his dad had given it to him when they were taking pictures together. It was the perfect surprise. I am blessed with an amazing Fiancé!

On September 15th 2018, almost 6 years after we started dating, we will say I DO and become HUSBAND AND WIFE!!

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