Matt and Taylor

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How We Met

We met on Hinge and were immediately inundated with each other. Our text conversations were interesting and we were having great conversations. I finally asked her for her phone number and began texting to arrange a date to meet up for drinks. I was at the bar first and immediately when she turned the corner to walk in, I knew she was someone special. We had only planned on staying for one drink, but ended up talking for four hours and had a few more. She was leaving for a family vacation the next day (for 10 days) and she thought she would never see me again. What she didn’t know is I was already planning our next date while we were hanging out. While she was on vacation, I would send her clues about the great date I had set-up. It was a fun time!

How They Asked

My sister and I had a bet to see who could get all 50 states first. Before the pandemic, I was at 47 and she was at 45. I had a distinct advantage, however, of not having a toddler. I was able to secure cheap airfare to Minnesota and drive to North Dakota for a day in Fargo. So, that left only Hawaii left. I thought, “what a perfect way to cap off getting all 50 states by proposing to my best friend.” I hired this company called Engaged on Maui (“EOM”) and they were absolutely fantastic to work with. They helped me set-up all the details to help make the proposal super memorable. I am a big history/dates person, so I had written down all the dates that were significant in our relationship (i.e. first date, first kiss, when I asked her to be my girlfriend, etc.). So, I tried to find photos that corresponded together.

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I bought them from this company called Mixtiles and had them shipped to our friends at EOM. Once we arrived in Hawaii, everything was going as planned. My plan was to propose on Monday as we had scheduled a whale watching/happy hour boat cruise for Sunday night; however, the weather had other ideas. I was looking at the radar and we got updates that it was going to be flash food, so we had to change the plans. I called EOM and they were able to work around and move the session to Sunday; the dinner that we had set up (with special things for her) was able to accommodate, and the boat cruise was able to move us to Wednesday!

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Since we had booked the trip through CostcoTravel, I told Taylor that we were having a photographer from Costco take our photo at the beach as a way of highlighting that it is safe (if you take all the proper precautions) to travel during this pandemic. I don’t think she bought it, but we had matching clothes ready to go. We walked down to the beach and took a few photos before we headed towards the Mixtiles, which were laying in the sand about 100 feet away. I started to say that during our relationship we have had a milestone every month and had corresponding pictures for most of them. After we went through December I said let’s make a new memory for January. She said “I will wait. I’m supposed to say Yes. YES!” And the rest is history!

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Special Thanks

Chantelle Fernandez
 | Photographer
Fawn Evermore
 | Planning