Matt and Stephanie's Buried Treasure Proposal

Image 1 of Stephanie and Matt

how we met

Matt and I went to the same college, Ball State, but actually never met when we were there at the same time. Which is crazy because we knew a lot of the same people and the school isn’t that big! It wasn’t until Summer of 2014 that we connected with one another. Matt works in orthopedic sales and I work as an orthopedic nurse. When Matt found out he would be working at the same hospital as me he sent me a message on Facebook (super smooth lol) to ask about the hospital and what area I worked in. We talked about our jobs and exchanged numbers…from there the rest is history!

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how they asked

While vacationing in St. Thomas Matt took me on a private sail day for my birthday…or so I thought this was all for my birthday.

A few days before we got engaged, it had been raining on the island so Matt talked about having a spa day and getting pedicures because he had never done that before. Since I work as a nurse I NEVER have my nails done or painted. He called a few places but most everywhere was busy because it was Carnival on the Island (this is like the Mardi Gras of the Caribbean). I kept refusing to go since we can do that at home plus I had packed some polish. We ended up doing some shopping and passed this fish sucking pedicure place. Matt was insistent on pedicures/manicures (he kept getting them confused) so I said we should do this since its something different and we can’t do this where we live. So we did the fish pedicure and it was super fun! Matt thought it was so amazing he said he wanted to see what it would be like to get his “hands done”. haha. I told him it would be nothing like the fish experience but he kept insisting so I gave in and said we could go. We found a local spot to go to that had openings and got manicures. They were super busy so we weren’t able to sit by each other. Once we were done we met up at the front to pay and I asked Matt how he liked his manicure and if it was as amazing as the fish as he thought it would be. He told me it was the scariest experience of his life and he would never do it again lol! Thank goodness he stuck it out and talked me in to going!

Image 3 of Stephanie and Matt

We spent the day sailing the Caribbean and snorkeling. At the end of the sail trip the captain of the boat handed us a message in a bottle. While walking to the car we opened it and inside was a map to a beach called Tree Lime beach with an “X” where a treasure was to be found. The map wasn’t super detailed so I was pretty confused. I had told Matt it looked like a little kid had made it…not knowing that Matt had really made the map and had all of this planned out. I had Matt call the sail boat company to ask where we were supposed to go and if there really was something waiting there for us. Matt assured me that yes we were supposed to go there and looked up the beach for more detailed directions. We had dinner reservations at 6 so we headed to our condo and got ready for dinner. Before heading out to dinner I asked if we really should go to this so called treasure or if it would just be a waist of time. I figured it was going to be a free t-shirt or a small souvenir. We were ready for dinner a bit early so he said we might as well stop by before dinner to check it out. We got to the beach and started walking looking for the treasure.

Image 4 of Stephanie and Matt

I was looking under all of the Palm trees thinking we look so silly on our dinner wear walking the beach looking for a treasure. I was worried I would grab someone’s belongings under a tree thinking it was “the treasure”. At the very last tree there was an “x” marked with stone.

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Image 6 of Stephanie and Matt

Image 7 of Stephanie and Matt

Matt dug under the sand and pulled out a small treasure box. He then got on one knee and proposed! I instantly broke out in tears and said YES! Little did I know while all of this was going on Matt had hired a photographer who was hiding along the beach taking photos the whole time! I was so focused on looking for the treasure I never even saw her! After the proposal we had a mini photo session that was perfect!

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Image 9 of Stephanie and Matt

It was such a special moment that I will never forget! To make things even better after spending our last few days in St. Thomas Matt had made plans for us to travel to San Diego and Colorado to celebrate with our out of state friends and family before heading home to where we live Indiana.

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Image 11 of Stephanie and Matt

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