Matt and Sarah

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How we met

Matthew and I actually went to the same elementary and middle school. In 2000 my family and I moved away to Ontario while I was in grade 8. In 2007, my parents separated and I decided to move back to Victoria. I was only 19 at the time, but Victoria is where I felt at home.

I moved in with my best friend and her boyfriend (now husband), who happened to be best friends with Matt. I came home one night from a long waitressing shift, and thought a homeless man had broken into our place. It was Matt, and he was sitting and eating on the couch, with long hair and full beard after traveling for 8 months.

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The following night, a group of us went out for drinks, myself being the Designated Driver. Matthew had had a few, so I drove him home while he entertained me singing limericks in a drunken slur. I literally laughed the whole car ride home. From then each day, Matthew’s goal is to make me laugh. Fast forward 3 months, we moved into together.

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how they asked.

We work and live together running Voltage New Media Inc., our web and graphic design company. The lack of “alone time”, makes it harder for Matt to pull off any surprises, but he is an early bird, so I didn’t think much of when he went down to the office extra early a few mornings.

One day we went to Starbucks to grab a coffee before our daily walk with Berkley, our French Bulldog. I noticed a little pull tab in the sleeve of my coffee cup, pulled it out and it read (as if our dog wrote it), “Hi Mommy, I bribed the lady at Stawwbucks with my cute little face to put this in your mugbowl. Daddy said that hees gowing too bee takeing you on a little trip this Sundays. So if you neeed to do anything I wanted to give you the heads up. I will be staying with my boyfriend Jack. Don’t tell Daddy. Luv B” (with a side note of the weather, so I knew how to pack).

I had 3 hours to pack, tried to get some sleep and off we went early the next morning. I had NO idea where we were going. He held the tickets and passport so I couldn’t peek. We had a connection and I was looking at all the airport signs and I found out we were going to Anaheim, California, but still really had no idea. We soon landed, hopped in our rental car and took off. I then saw a sign pointing to Laguna Beach and it all of a sudden it clicked in. The last time we were here, we were deadly sick from Coachella and stayed in our hotel room for 5 days.

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The next day, we drove to Crystal Beach, where he pulled off the greatest surprise! Later, he told me all those early mornings, over the last two weeks, he was planning this moment. He hired a photographer and worked with a local florist to arrange the perfect proposal! We walked down to the beach and once we hit the water, he got down on one knee and said, “Sarah I’m sorry it took so long to propose…will you marry me?”

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I jumped up and down, started to cry and clearly said YES! Going on our 9th year together, we couldn’t be happier. I can’t imagine a better soulmate, best friend and partner in crime.

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Special Thanks

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 | photographer