Nicole and Matt

how we met

We first met on Bumble on Jan 18th, 2019 and by 23rd had our first date at Chambar Restaurant for Dine Out Vancouver. We met for drinks, which turned into a 5-hour dinner, which turned into her driving me home, which turned into a first kiss.

how they asked

It definitely was a surprise!I planned for a few months and finally came up with something that met all Nicole’s criteria for a proposal…. so many of them!We were going to visit and stay with her family in Bear Mountain for Christmas and spend a few days there prior to Saltspring Island for relaxing for the rest of the year. Because we love their wine tasting with Bippan so much (Friday Night Flights), I knew the old rich wooden Cellar in the Westin would be a perfect location! Nicole’s youngest sister, Tessa, was so helpful to organize details with.The plan was simple: modify a Concierge Connection from the Westin hotel to say there was a wine tasting on the Tuesday, December 24th at 2pm, and get the tasting to the point where I ask the big question. The staff at the Westin was most helpful with organizing and executing this surprise, and having a bottle of our favourite, Bollinger, on hand for the “tasting” event. To make it even better, Tessa had printed the concierge connection and taped it to their parents’ fridge the day before. Nicole sure enough while I was sitting there working on my laptop walked over and read everything on the list and had the idea that she would unexpectedly organize herself going to her own engagement. I agreed and said I’d call to book it but wanted Tessa there with us for fun too.When we entered the beautiful candle-lit space, Shantal Marie – our photographer – was posing as another wine tasting attendee and snapping away at the walls unobtrusively. We sat down and started getting ready for the tasting with Westin’s sommelier, Bippan, and I found a moment to catch Nicole offguard with “Hey babe, your dad and I made a video on my phone this morning. Wanna see?”The video we had done that morning was on Bear Mountain and me asking for her parents’ support in marrying their daughter. At the end, he asks when the big day is going to be, and I say…. “It’s actually happening right now!”

Special Thanks