Matt and Molly

Image 1 of Matt and MollyHow We Met: Matt and Molly met through mutual friends in college and were good acquaintances for four years until one day I turned a corner on a run and ran straight into Matt. We reconnected and a few months later began dating and couldn’t imagine our lives without each other.

how they asked: Molly and Matt had been planning a weekend vacation for months so they could finally get some time for just the two of them. Little did she know…

Matt picked Molly up from work and they made their way down to Carmel, where they had “planned” to go to a nice quiet dinner followed by a weekend in Monterey and Carmel. As the miles passed Matt explained to Molly that they would have an hour or so to kill before their dinner reservations and suggested that they stopped by the beach to watch the sunset.

As they arrieved in Carmel Molly began to point out all of the beaches that they had been passing as Matt navigated their way through the busy streets of Carmel. When they finally found the “best beach for a sunset” Matt asked Molly to carry the wrapped wine bottle and some glasses so they could celebrate the start of a wonderful weekend.

As they started their walk down to the beach Molly and Matt found a nice platform on the stairs down to the beach with a beaufiul view. Matt then asked Molly to open the wine bottle. When Molly opened the bag she was disgusted to find that there was no wine in the bottle!!! Matt, sensing her disappointment asked her to uncorke the bottle with the letter inside. With two hearts racing Molly carfully pulled the cork and pulled out the letter.

She began to read as well as cry while Matt fumbled through his pocket to find the ring. When she looked up he was on one knee and asked Molly to share the rest of the rest of her life with him. She happy said yes and forgot all (well most) disappointment from the wine.

Image 7 of Matt and Molly

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Image 3 of Matt and Molly

After sepnding some time at the beach with the photographer, that was there to capture the special moment, Molly and Matt headed off to dinner. On the drive Molly’s tried to call her parents to share the excitement but was unable to get either of them on the phone.

They walked into the restaurant to celebrate with a glass of champange when all of the sudden Molly realized why she was unable to get her parents on the phone.

They were there, along with Matt’s parents!

Molly screamed and cried (happy tears).

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