Megan and Matt

How We Met

On February 16 my boyfriend and I went to dinner. We were meeting my parents to celebrate my cancer anniversary. On Tuesday February 16 we were celebrating me being 4 years cancer free. Matt had set up the table after work and he told me he was working till 6. He ended up getting out early and going to Momma Lombardis to set up. He set of 4 candles in honor of 4 years cancer free. He ask set up three photos, one from one of our first date, one from when he asked me to be his girlfriend and one from my cancer free party. We ended up moving to another table and my parents came in. To my surprise my sister showed up and still didn’t hit me. All of a sudden the waiter brings over the sign and I read it and then Matt is on his knee proposing to me. Matt said I love you your my everything and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I was so happy and surprised I started crying. After a few minutes it hit me and I was like yes I want to. I was so happy that my fiancé and family were all there to celebrate. It was the best day!!!

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