Lauren and Matt

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How We Met

Matt & Lauren met at Centreville High School in Geometry class. During that class they didn’t talk much because Lauren was focused on getting straight A’s, while Matt was either sleeping or getting kicked out of class. The summer after having class together Lauren & Matt kept bumping into each other. Lauren was a Cheerleader and Matt played Golf. During fall pictures Cheer and Golf happened to be at the same time, so Matt & Lauren were able to chat and exchange numbers. Matt asked to date Lauren, but she was nervous to get back into a serious relationship. Then one day Matt told Lauren that if she said yes to a date that she would never regret it. This really meant something to her, so on 11/11/09 Lauren & Matt started dating. They shared their first kiss during the movie Forrest Gump, they both went to/graduated from Penn State, and on 5/10/15 Matt proposed to Lauren.
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how they asked

The Heart Stopping Penn State Proposal! Matt & Lauren met at Centreville High School in Geometry class. They have been high school sweethearts since 11/11/09. Matt & Lauren went to Penn State together and Lauren’s graduation day became the most memorable day of their lives. Matt’s original plan was to ask for Lauren’s dads blessing, go to Lauren’s graduation, and propose to Lauren at her graduation party that evening. On the morning of 5/10/15 Matt woke up with severe chest pain and all of his plans changed. All of Lauren’s family and friends drove from Arkansas and Virginia to see her graduate from Penn State that day. Matt & Lauren met their friends & family for breakfast, but Lauren kept insisting that Matt go to the hospital and get his chest pain examined. Matt came to breakfast because he wanted to ask Lauren’s dad for his blessing to marry Lauren before her graduation started. After talking with Lauren’s father, Matt decided to go to the hospital because he was continuing to have severe chest pain. Lauren went to the hospital with Matt and the EKG showed signs of a heart attack. Matt was only 23, so he was too young for a heart attack. The doctors continued to run tests, but they would not allow Matt to leave the hospital for Lauren’s graduation. Matt insisted that Lauren go to her graduation because it’s a once in a lifetime event and all of her family & friends were in town to see her graduate. Lauren went to her graduation, but she was very worried throughout the whole ceremony. During the ceremony Lauren’s little brother was taken to the emergency room because he had an asthma attack. Lauren walked across the stage and sat through the ceremony while continuing to worry about her brother and boyfriend in the hospital. Immediately after the ceremony Lauren, along with all of her friends and family, rushed back to the hospital to see her brother and Matt. Lauren’s brother was examined and cleared by the doctors. Matt was moved to a small hospital room where the doctors explained that Matt had pericarditis, which is inflammation of the pericardium surrounding the heart. Matt told the doctors about his plan to propose to Lauren at her graduation party, but the doctors said that if Matt left he will experience severe chest pain and possibly other complications. Matt discussed options with his doctor and they came up with a plan. The doctors and nurses helped to move Matt into a large, single hospital room. All of Lauren’s family & friends came into the hospital room and surrounded Matt’s bed. Lauren came into the room, sat down next to Matt on the bed, and Matt began his speech. Matt said a beautiful speech before getting out of the hospital bed, bending down on one knee, and asking Lauren “Would you make me the happiest man in the world and be my wife?” Lauren immediately said yes! Right after the proposal doctors and nurses came rushing into the room because Matt’s heart monitor had flat lined twice during the proposal. Matt’s heart stopped and skipped a beat while proposing to Lauren. His heart monitor showed a rapid heart rate during the speech followed by a slow heart rate when he was popping the question and a skipped beat before Lauren’s answer. After the proposal Lauren stayed the night with Matt in the hospital and spent the next few days helping Matt to heal his Pericarditis. Thank you to Mount Nittany Hospital & Staff for making this happen!Image 5 of Lauren and Matt

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