Matt and Kristen

Matt and Kristen's Engagement in St Charles, IL

How We Met

Matt and I went to school together since kindergarten. We grew up 2 blocks from each other. Growing up I remember seeing him at the local school park but never really talked. In high school, we had mutual friends but never clicked. After high school, we went to some of the same parties but were dating different people at the time. We had not seen each other for a long time. One day in the spring of 2016, I get a Facebook message from Matt saying that Facebook alerted him that I was nearby. I would message back short messages but never would really make conversation. After a couple months the messages became more of a daily thing. Flirting, getting to know each other etc.. I had finally realized that I had liked him. End of June 2016 we went out for a couple beers and the rest all fell into place.

how they asked

June 9th, 2018. We had a great day together. We went out to breakfast with my family in the morning because my grandpa was in town. Afterward, we came back home and just had fun in the yard with our dog. We had talked about doing a “date night”. We decided on going to a restaurant where he took me to on one of our 1st dinner dates. We had a nice dinner just laughed and had a good time. It was a nice/chilly evening and didn’t want to just go back home for the night so I had suggested we go on a walk in downtown St Charles. I didn’t think Matt would be up for it since he doesn’t like doing these types of things but he was!! We go back home to grab a light jacket and head to downtown St Charles where we walked the river. We walked and walked. Just taking and having a good time. It was starting to get late and I thought something was up because we just kept on walking. We found a pavilion area where we climbed to the top of the pavilion that overlooks the river. Matt held my hand and kissed me over and over and told me how much he loved me and all the stress we are going through would be worth it. Once I was thinking this was it…he was going to ask me… a police officer comes to the top and says that he closing it down for the night. We go down to the bottom of the pavilion and wait for him to leave. Matt once again holds my hands and tells me that he loves me so much and that we are making it through everything together and kissed me over and over. The next thing I know he is down on one knee with an open box with a ring inside and says my full name and says “Will you marry me?” I, of course, started crying and said YES!!!

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