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How We Met

A little bit of background to Matt and my relationship is that when I was in grade 8 (13 years old), Matt was in matric (18 years old) at the same school as my brother, Connor. Connor and Matt were both avid paddlers and there was always friendly competition between the two of them. That competition often included not only beating each other at paddling races and competing for captain but also overflowed into each other’s social lives. Normally the “boy code” is to not fraternize with the sister! But Matt couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to “flirt” with the off-limits little sister. He added me on BBM and tried to be all sweet and flirty- but I was having none of it knowing he was just trying to fool my brother. I deleted him after replying with some sassy comment back to his quirk and Matt and I went on with our own lives until April 2015.

I moved back to my hometown of Durban, South Africa in April 2015 where a lot of my friends had left to attend college. My brother kindly suggested I start to hang out with his friends so I can be part of their “crew”. Needless to say, Matt was part of this crew and we ended up spending a lot of time together, the chemistry was undeniable but we kept our relationship under wraps for five months to not rock the boat with my brother whose baby sister was still off limits!

It got to the point where Matt said to me “Kendal, I don’t want to hide anymore. I want to date you and I’m going to speak to Connor”. Connor gave his blessing and our three-year relationship has been nothing but bliss!

Matt and Kendal's Engagement in In the snowy Lesotho Mountains in Southern Africa

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I’m the type of girl that has had my wedding planned for years down to the meals we will be eating so getting engaged to Matt was also a dream of mine. I’d often fantasize about how we would get engaged and how it won’t be a surprise because I’m so nosey! I had always wanted to do a couples’ shoot with Matt and we are lucky enough to have a very talented friend, Jed Kenny, to take our pictures. I planned a beach shoot (which is very standard for Durban as we have the most beautiful weather all year round) but days before the shoot a cold front was going to be visiting the coast and bringing a cold snap… how typical! Matt then suggested we go up Sani Pass to Lesotho, which is four hours away from Durban, as the snow was predicted on the mountains! I was totally in- who in South Africa gets to say they had a snow photo shoot? Not many people.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in In the snowy Lesotho Mountains in Southern Africa

We started taking our first shots and I jokingly said to Matt, “so, is there something you’d like to ask me?”, as I always joked, and he responds, “oh stop your s**t” and laughs out loud, and I thought nothing more of it because I never expected it to happen!

Where to Propose in In the snowy Lesotho Mountains in Southern Africa

We had lunch and went for a drive scouting good spots when I fell asleep in the car. When I woke I looked at my watch and told the guys that we needed to start heading back down because we had a four drive home we still needed to conquer and I even suggested skipping the last shot (well, I’m now glad we didn’t!). We got to one of the highest points of the mountain and blew up the balloons and got into position. We had a string of 15 small balloons and one giant balloon filled with petals (all biodegradable). We let go of the string of 15 white, clear and rose gold balloons, got into position and Matt popped the giant balloon.

With petals falling around us, I look at Matt and he is dropping down on one knee. I was so shocked, I jumped back and immediately started crying. I couldn’t believe that he had just proposed and I had my DREAM ring on my finger that still after it all I said “this isn’t a joke hey?” because the whole experience was magical! It was the best moment of my entire life and we are so lucky to have caught our beautiful engagement on video! Every time we watch our video all the emotions flood back. I will never forget that beautiful moment in the snowy mountains.

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