Matt and Kate's Time Capsule Proposal

How We Met: Matt and I met on Feb. 24, 2008, at our friend Lindsey’s East Village apartment. Lindsey, who went to Mizzou with me and worked with Matt at Time Out New York, was hosting a party to watch the Oscars.

Time Capsule Proposal

Although our conversation that night was strictly movie-related, neither myself nor Matt could recall who won Best Picture (we’ve now looked it up — it was the feel-good flick, No Country for Old Men), so that must mean we were too busy falling in love to pay attention.


Time Capsule Proposal

How I Asked: I proposed to Kate on Sept. 26, 2011, on a bench in Brooklyn Bridge Park.

In August 2011, I had planned an outing with Kate to place a time capsule in the ground. She thought this idea was stupid and boring and was annoyed I planned it without her input. So for three weeks we kept putting it off because she was tired, sick, the weather was crummy, or she was afraid of “getting arrested.” Finally, on Saturday, I negotiated an agreement where we would go put the time capsule in the ground on Monday morning as long as we “went shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond on Monday night.” So here is the video of us putting a time capsule in the ground at Brooklyn Bridge Park Monday morning at 7 a.m. Please notice the tired, bored and annoyed look on her face the whole time.

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These next few photos are from our recreated pillow fight – an homage to our first date, shown left.

Time Capsule Proposal

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Photos by Switzerfilm