Jill and Matt


How We Met

Two summers ago for 4th of July, my friends had invited me to a BBQ at our friends house. At first I was hesitant about going, because my friends kept saying they wanted to introduce me to their friend who they thought I’d really like. Eventually I gave in and went to the BBQ with them. Thank God I did, because that’s where I met Matt.


As soon as I walked in to the backyard of the party, he introduced himself to me and then asked me to be his partner for corn hole.


He was really easy to get along with and we kept talking throughout the night… I was so happy that he had started talking to me.


He asked if I would go out with him and proceeded to say he wanted to “etch the date in stone” so we picked a weekend to go out and he got my phone number.


The saying “etched in stone” is what we would use all of the time for things we’ve done together.


how they asked

Fast forward many memories and two years later, I finally was graduating from graduate school for physical therapy. Matt had given me a vacation to Key West as a part of my graduation gift. He had made plans for me to come into the city the Friday before we left to celebrate and eat at our favorite restaurant, Rosemary’s in NYC. We went there about once a month- it’s our favorite spot, so it wasn’t out of the ordinary to go there. On my way up to the city, I had texted him and said “it’s a perfect day outside” and he then asked if I wanted to walk through the park before dinner- which is what we would normally do before or after dinner there.

As we walked through Washington Square Park, it was very crowded but it was nothing but good vibes around us. As we walked past the fountain in the middle of the park and towards the big archway, he pulled me close to him and said “these past two years have been the happiest of my life. I’m so glad we etched it in stone- but I want to make it more permanent than stone” and he got down on his knee and asked if I would marry him.


At first I said shut up and I just started crying and he asked me if that was a yes, and I responded with a yes! During the whole proposal he had his friend video the entire thing so that we would have a memory of the best day of our lives so far. On our walk to the restaurant, I couldn’t stop staring at the ring- then he told me it was the same stone his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all had worn… I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to be wearing such a beautiful and sentimental stone.




After he proposed we went to dinner and he had his parents and mine waiting there for us to celebrate. Once we finished dinner with our families, we went back to Matt’s apartment. His brother had left us a bottle of champagne with a note saying “Beans, welcome to the family”…we went to the rooftop of the apartment building and Matt and I celebrated while looking at the city skyline and stars… a few hours later, we flew to Key West for a week-long celebration… it was absolutely amazing.



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