Matt and Emily

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How We Met

Matt and I knew first met each other in middle school at quiz bowl. In sixth grade, my team won our grade championship and got to play the seventh grade team. Matt was on the seventh grade team, and they killed us in the game. After that I thought he was cute and crushed from afar, but never thought I had a chance. Fast forward to my sophomore year of high school, I always found my group of friends always sitting next to Matt’s at basketball games. In January, Matt friended me on Facebook with the message “you play soccer, right?” (yes, he slid into my DM’s before that was a thing). Instantly, my middle school self was giddy that the cute boy was talking to me and I was eager to respond! His initial goal was to get a date for the Women Pay All dance, but I was going to be out of town. When my family got home on Sunday, Matt wanted to hang out and watch a movie. After watching a couple movies, I got up to leave. Matt said “wait!” and asked me to be his girlfriend! The next six years were history!

how they asked

The day of the proposal we went to a UW-Madison football game. It was an early game so we decided to have a late breakfast and then have a late lunch/ early dinner after. Matt had picked out a nice restaurant telling me it was the only one open. When we finished eating, I was exhausted and asked if we could go back to his apartment and watch The Office. Matt suggested that we walk around a bit before it started to rain. Although I was tired, I agreed. He wanted to go to the Monona Terrace and look around. At the terrace, we relaxed a bit overlooking lake Monona. Still tired, I asked Matt if we could go home yet. He said sure and we started walking back.

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As we were walking past the capitol, Matt suggested that we go look inside. I told him maybe another day but he said “let’s just do it now.” I reluctantly agreed and pointed out some doors I had seen people walk in earlier. Matt didn’t want to go in those doors and insisted that we use the large stairs. I, being unsure the capitol was actually open to the public, was nervous and told Matt as we walked up the stairs that if we got arrested for trespassing we were getting bailed out on his dime. He didn’t laugh and looked at me, smiled, and said, “I have a question for you.” At that moment I knew! He got down on one knee and I said YES! I then heard cheers below and looked down to see two of our best friends, Kathryn and Tim, standing there to celebrate with us. We all went back to Matt’s apartment and popped the champagne!

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