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How We Met

Everyone’s heard the saying “What’s Meant To Be, Will Find A Way” right? That couldn’t be more true when it comes to Matt & I’s Story!

Matt is a born & raised Southern California boy & I on the other hand spent most of my life moving around the United States due to my Fathers Job! We couldn’t have come from more different backgrounds, so far apart from each other I still can’t wrap my head around how we were brought together, other then it truly was “Meant To Be”

Nearly a year out of high school & living with my family in Woodstock, GA I experienced what I thought to be “the absolute worst heartbreak” of my life & decided it was time to put my big girl shoes on and start a new adventure for myself!! So in March of 2010 at 19 years old I packed up my 2006 Chevy Cobalt (with the help of my daddy of course) and my dad & I road tripped it all the way to Southern California where I was to attend College in the Fall!

In need of friendship in an unfamiliar town I was connected with one of my mom’s friends (who happened to be her high school sweetheart) daughter Paige who was the same age as I was! Here’s where it gets freaky!! The first time Paige & I ever hung out, she & her dad picked me up and took me to the movies! In the car on the way to the movies after a few general get to know each other conversations she turned around in her seat and said “By the way, my friend Matt has already called dibs on you” I don’t think I could have made fun of the idea harder. Apparently she shared my Facebook page with a few of her guy friends before we hung out, and Matt being one of them “called dibs” Being that I was still mending my broken heart I shut done the idea IMMEDIATELY !! NO BOYS ALLOWED was my story & I was sticking to it!!!

Well from that point forward, Paige & I were inseparable. We did everything together!!! I was having the best summer no cares in the world, no boys in sight. She began introducing me to her circle of friends and, for about a month and a half after our initial Matt conversation, every once in a while someone would bring up how badly I needed to meet him. Almost to the point that it would annoy me !! Who was this Matt character & what was so special about him?! NO BOYS remember??

Well on the last weekend of April in 2010 God was going to step in and take things into his own hands since I wasn’t taking the hint !! Paige’s dad surprised us with tickets to Stagecoach! A weekend long country concert that EVERYONE we knew was going to !!! And of course, Matt was going to be there too !! The day started with tailgating, sunshine, good people, good music, & of course, lots of ice cold beer!!! There had to have been about 50 of us, I was having the time of my life!!! But I’ll never forgot throughout the whole first half of the day ever so often someone would ask “when is Matt going to be here?” Oh come on !! Now I’m getting curious, now I want to know who the heck this guy is. So I remember almost feeling nervous that he wouldn’t show up & I would never get to put a face to this kids name!! Well 3 o’clock rolls around and it finally happened !! Someone screamed “MATT” & as if the seas parted everyone moved and there he was in the flesh!

Paige of course grabbed my hand and pulled me over to him the first chance she got!!! Matt still making his rounds and saying hello to everyone came over to Paige to say hi and she quickly introduced me. He barely glanced past me and turned away, but like a movie moment whipped back around for a double take. It was like there was no one else left around. He grabbed my hand and I suddenly had his full attention! He introduced himself, told me he’s heard so much about me, & the way he looked at me made me feel like I was the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen. OK ENOUGH with the’s the kicker. Matt did not show up to the concert alone, he brought a date with him that shortly after interrupted our conversation and pulled him away. There it was, I knew it was too good to be true. The LAST thing I needed was another heartbreak so he lost my interest, and I gave Paige my “I told you so’s”

But that didn’t stop Matt! The wrest of the weekend was a cat & mouse game! Any chance matt could escape his date and find me in the crowd he did!!! He was relentless but I was not giving in!! On the last night of the weekend during the last band, Brooks & Dunn to be exact, Matt knew he had to do something to make a lasting impression!! Our group was dancing together shouting all the words to every song, and praying the night would never end. The last song they played was a slow one and out of nowhere Matt walked up to me, reaches for my hand, & pulls me in front of our crowd of friends and everyone, I mean everyone, including Matt’s date was staring at us. He whispered “dance with me” & even though I was mortified, I did just that. We slow danced under the bright stars of the Indio Sky, and I’ve never felt more at home in my entire life.

From that moment until now almost 7 years later, our souls have been absolutely inseparable. Matt is truly my best friend, love of my life, & soul mate. We’ve grown up together, matured together, celebrated successes, and shared tears over our times of misfortune. He is the only person I want to continue doing those things with for the rest of my life. Through thick & thin, good or bad, happy or sad. He is mine, and I his. Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.

how they asked

Being that we’ve been together for almost 7 years. Matt and I have been through A LOT. We’ve spent the last 6 years building our careers, and staying committed to building a life for ourselves & each other !! We’ve moved from California, to vegas, to florida, and now BACK to California making the necessary sacrifices we needed to chase our dreams!! Through all the changes we’ve been through together, all the ups & downs, highs & lows, we’ve remained best friends and so in love.

But as happy as we were we still hadn’t made the next step in making our relationship official in the eyes of God. And being the typical female I am, the nagging began!!!! 2016 needed to be the year we made the leap of faith and the hint dropping became relentless.

I can’t lie there were times of feeling discouraged by not seeing much movement or reaction from Matt on the subject of “when we were getting married” , but what ended up happening exceeded my expectations far beyond anything i could have ever imagined.

My little sister Ashley shared with us in September, that she would be having her college graduation in December of this year! She shared with us how important it was to her that we make it but given our busy work schedules I couldn’t promise anything just yet. See I work in retail and December is the busiest time of the year for us. I just didn’t see how it could be possible! But after a conversation with my boss in October and validation that Matt and I could indeed take the time off, I knew immediately it HAD to be a surprise!

So the Surprise trip planning began! Now about a week before our trip I got a phone call from my father with tips on what to pack. And he shared with us that the day after my sister’s graduation day he had a “family fun day surprise” planned for all of us and we were to dress warm but nice. And he kept emphasizing we all pack “nice sweaters”. I’ve always considered myself to be a pretty intuitive person, but when I tried to guess family pictures was on the list of family fun, I never thought I would actually be right!

And before we knew it we were on a Plane heading to Charleston, South Carolina ! The day of my sisters graduation I was adamant that everyone had to go into the stadium before me, because I could NOT be seen by my sister before I had spotted her and could get the satisfaction from her surprised reaction! But we were running late and struggling to find seats, so I wasn’t surprised when moments after I sat down I received a text from Ashley saying “OMG I SEE YOU.” I was pretty bummed I wasn’t able to witness her reaction but totally satisfied in knowing we had definitely gotten her!! She couldn’t be happier to see Matt and I and we all shed tears over how proud of her we were, and felt so blessed to be able to witness this milestone in her life. The rest of the evening Ashley and I spent the night torturing my dad by trying to guess what “family fun day” was going to entail for us !!

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It’s the morning of “Family Fun Day” and I woke up to find I had slept in and wasn’t going to have time to wash my hair before we left for our day! Panicking of course I jokingly said to my dad “I swear if we take family pictures today with my hair this dirty you’re dead!” I was calmed down and assured that wasn’t what we were doing and we rushed off to our first destination. Now anyone that knows me knows my favorite movie of ALL TIME is of course “The Notebook”.

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Like duh what else would it be!! And funny enough the day before I mentioned to my family it had always been a dream of my mine to hunt down the plantation they filmed part of the movie at right there in Charleston. Well as soon as we pulled in to our first destination and I saw the line of giant beautiful Oak Trees I almost burst out into tears !!! My dream of seeing the Boone Hall Plantation where they filmed many scenes from the movie was RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES!

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I could officially cross that one off my bucket list !!!! We spent a beautiful day touring the property. And being the Naggy Nancy I am I even made a spiteful comment about how perfect it would be if Matt had decided to propose to me at the place my favorite love story was filmed in front of my whole family. Haha real smooth Brittany! We finished up our last tour and all sat down together to have a snack which ended quickly due to my dad realizing we were almost late to the next part of the surprise! Next part?! I would have been happy ending with that!!!! We all scramble to the car and I spent the next 20 minutes matter of factually trying to guess that we were on our way to go take family pictures! Again being told I had no idea what I was talking about I decided to give up and enjoy the ride!

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Finally my dad broke the silence and said “Ok Brittany, here’s a hint. If you need to take the next 10 minutes to spruce yourself up ,you might want to go ahead and do that! You were right, we’re taking family photos.” I KNEW IT !!!!! I think I need to go into a new line of work ! My intuition is on FIRE! Panicking I started messing with my now dirty AND windblown hair from being outside all day, globing on the makeup, and getting ready for these pictures. We arrive at a beautiful neighborhood in Charleston that was surrounded by dream like scenery. We pulled into a woody area off the main road and jumped out of the car to meet our photographer! I followed my sisters lead and introduced myself to our photographer Kelly Conley! The sun was setting and it was getting chilly so we immediately followed her plan of family photos, daddy daughter, then couples!

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After a few group photos and My sister & her boyfriend, and then my dad and my step mom, it was Matt and my turn. Interestingly enough in the 6 almost 7 years we’ve been together we’ve never taken professional photos!

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We began several different poses together but after being instructed to place my hand on his chest I soon realized Matt’s heart was POUNDING!!!! I looked at him concerned and asked if he was ok because his heart was beating out of his chest!!!

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He played it off like he didn’t know what I was talking about. So I just thought it had to do with the fact that we were kind of on the spot in front of everyone and we’d never taken pictures like this before!

In our next pose she asked that Matt turn towards me and place his hands under my chin. We faced each other and he looked at me like I’ve never seen him look at me before and said, “Brittany you are so beautiful.” He seriously said that looking through my soul!! I immediately was taken back and wanted to cry! And for some reason my initial reaction was to pull away as I was sure my face was beat red! And that is the moment he pulled me back and I realized this was it! The moment I’ve been dreaming out since our first dance at stagecoach so many years before.

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I was so caught off guard I BURST into tears immediately and was overwhelmed with every emotion that could run through my heart and head at once!! The best part of his whole proposal was turning to my family to find out they were in on it the whole time!!!! Here I was thinking I was there to surprise my sister on her big graduation weekend, yet my family had been planning all of this right under my nose!!! Matt had asked my dad for my hand prior to this weekend on Thanksgiving and they had been planning how to make this all come together long before I came up with surprising Ashley for her graduation! JOKES ON ME! This day was a fairy tale.

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I’ve never been so happy and felt so blessed in my whole life. Not only to share this moment with Matt, but to share with my family. To have it in pictures and video to forever look back on and one day relive with our children. His proposal was truly a dream. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you Matthew! I’M FINALLY THE FUTURE MRS. WILLIAMS!! (As I’m typing this Matt is walking in from work calling for me by my new nickname….”FEYONCE”

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