Blair and Matt


How We Met

Matt and I met on February 28, 2015, at a bar in Austin, TX. I was on a bachelorette party and he was on a bachelor party and surprisingly our groups ended up at the same bar! Our groups started hanging out and Matt told one of my friends that was with our party that he wanted to get to know me, so my friend came over and introduced Matt and me. From there Matt and I hit it off and I discovered that Matt had just moved from Nashville to San Antonio a month before. He asked for my number so that we could hang out back in San Antonio, and two days later he took me on our first date!

how they asked

Matt did a wonderful job at surprising me! We were in Whistler, Canada on a ski trip with my family and his family when he asked me to marry him. It was our first day of skiing and Matt was adamant about going to the highest peak of the Whistler mountain for our first run of the day. He told me he wanted to start at the highest peak so that we could ski down from there, so our journey to the top of the mountain with our entire family began. After 4 different chairlifts and a hour later we made it to the Whistler Peak mountain top. To our dismay, a huge snow storm had just blown in and you couldn’t see ten feet in front of you. Everything around us was pure white! They even closed the chairlift down, after we got off, cause the weather was so awful. However, that was not going to stop Matt from proposing! As soon as we got off the chairlift Matt said, “Let’s take a family photo up here, since we are at the highest peak of the mountain!” I looked at him and said, “Matt, you can’t see a thing. Maybe we should ski down the mountain a little and then take a picture?” He immediately responded, “No, let’s just get one here,” and took his skiis off and began to walk over to where he wanted the photo. I followed and stood next to him and began waving the rest of our family to get in the photo, because they were just standing there starring at us. Matt’s step-mom said, “How about we get a picture of you and Matt first!” Which of course I said, “Yes, great idea!” Our family began snapping pictures, as I was completely oblivious of what was about to happen. Matt turned to me and said, “You know I love you, right?” I thought he was just being sweet, so I responded, ” I love you too, but they are trying to take a picture of us so smile!” Then he grabbed both of my hands and said, “No, I really love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you!” Then he got down on one knee and opened a ring box to display the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen. I was literally shocked! Of course I screamed, “YES!”





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