Matt and Andrea

Wedding Proposal Ideas in At the finish line of the Richmond Half Marathon

How We Met

From Matt: “Andrea and I met at Campbell University where we both attended school. In October 2014, after two months of getting to know each other I decided to tell her I had feelings for her. She agreed and felt we had a connection. We spent the next month getting to know each other more. On November 14th, she told me that we were better as friends and essentially called it off! The next day, she was running a half marathon in Richmond, VA and I had been planning to go and surprise her at the finish line. In my mind I knew we were not done and that this was just the beginning! I knew I was supposed to go and surprise her. I left around 5 am the next morning and was there at the finish line where she finished. She was completely shocked and cried while I held her. The first thing I told her was that I was there as a friend, although I knew exactly what I was doing. A week later she admitted she had made a mistake in calling it off and we started dating soon after!

how they asked

Throughout the school year and into the summer, it was clear to us that God placed us together and we began to see marriage in our future. I started dreaming up a proposal plan and I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Andrea convinced me to run the SAME half marathon…which was a year after she had put me in the friend zone! We trained leading up to the race and we were so excited to run it together. I wore a running shirt with a little zipper pocket on the side and that is where I kept the ring. The ring consisted of my grandma’s wedding ring diamond along with diamonds from a ring from her grandma. We always loved the image of the ring symbolizing both of our families coming together. We ran the race together and finished side by side. As soon as we crossed the finish line, I pulled her off to the side. That is when I told her I loved her (something we decided to wait and say until we were engaged). She was completely surprised and caught off guard but in that moment she knew exactly what I was doing. I got down on one knee, popped the question, and in front of thousands of people she said yes! It was so awesome to think that last year at the race I met her at the finish line as her friend, and this year I crossed the finish line with her to propose and “run” through life together. After the race, we drove back home and there was a surprise engagement party waiting for her. Last month we celebrated our 2 year anniversary and boy does time fly! I can’t wait for many more years to come with my beautiful bride.”

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