Amanda and Matt

How They Asked

Matt told me a few weeks ago that our friend Spencer was planning to propose during a private group wine tour at our favorite vineyard up in Traverse City, MI. I was asked to be the “proposal photographer”, so naturally, I was excited (and stressed) as this was a lot of pressure to capture their moment perfectly! The plan was for me to test out my new camera and offer to take couples photos in the vineyard throughout the tour, and he would then propose during one of those moments.

Amanda's Proposal in Proposed on Bry’s Estate vineyard in Traverse City, MI

While I was getting my camera set up during our first vineyard tasting stop, he and his girlfriend only took the photos (with no proposal), and I thought maybe he was just nervous and was planning his speech for one of our next stops.

Proposal Ideas Proposed on Bry’s Estate vineyard in Traverse City, MI

Turns out this whole plan was a bait and switch, and it was actually MY proposal all along, as Matt got down on one knee during our couple’s photos! It was such a great moment at one of our favorite places together. Our families then surprised us at the end of the tour in the winery to have celebratory drinks on their patio. It was the perfect proposal and overall day for us! We couldn’t be happier.

Special Thanks