Matilda and Daniel

How We Met

Daniel and I met in the Barossa Valley, it was Daniel’s Birthday and I must admit we didn’t jell straight away! It didn’t take long for him to charm me with his spontaneous, adventurers and bubbly personality. Before long we were inseparable.

how they asked

Daniel and I were a month off heading overseas and spending our last week in Cairns before moving back to The Barossa for the last month. Daniel had planned an adventure for our last weekend but I was unaware of anything, Sunday morning I woke up still unsure what the day held. We drove toward the beach and I started to get anxious and begged to know what was going on. To my surprise Daniel has organised for us to go Sky Diving at Mission Beach! Nervous as anything we set off in the plane, I watched the beach get further and further away, my heart raising with excitement and nervous!

Daniel looked at me just before he jumped and said I love you, soon after I followed. Such an amazing experience, free falling toward the ground, my shoot opened and I sighed a breath of release. As I was gliding down I saw written in the sand in giant letters ‘I LOVE YOU MATILDA’ still not clueing on to what was about to happen I thought how beautiful. I landed in the love heart drawn next to Matilda where Daniel was patiently waiting.

There he asked me the questions every girls dreams to hear, Will You Marry Me? Blown away and full of adrenaline I jumped into his arms and screamed yes!

The small crowed clapped and Daniel and I were overwhelmed with happiness. I couldn’t have thought of a better proposal myself, it was the perfect combination of Daniel – Adventurous yet incredibly sweet.

Image 1 of Matilda and Daniel

Happiest day of my life!… until the wedding ;)