Matalasi and Poumele

How We Met: I’ve known Kuinise since I was 6 years old, in San Diego CA. I started taking dance lessons from his mom, and that’s how we met, and eventually became best friends. Our friendship has gone through many phases, from me being completely repulsed by his annoying little boy antics, to us pretending we didn’t know each other because it wasn’t “cool” to have a best friend of the opposite gender, to reaching high school, and me being secretly jealous of all the girls he would talk about, but actually acting like it didn’t bother me at all, because “I didn’t see him that way.” We ended up moving to Hawaii together (but not as a couple), when we were 18. And just like magic, our feelings that were once confused, and uncoordinated synced up perfectly and we found a new love, appreciation, and admiration for each other. While we were always inseperable- suddenly, our feelings caught up with all those years spent together- and it was beautiful. Truly, I am in love, and now ENGAGED to my best friend, soulmate, and lifetime partner. Romance comes and goes- it is an inevitable part of any relationship. But the friendship and genuine love for one another that has taken years to cultivate, is what sustains our relationship. Together, we have shared triumphant and devastating moments- and remained each other’s constants through it all. I can’t imagine spending the rest of my life with another soul on this planet. He is a part of me. The best part.

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how they asked: Kuinise and I had planned a much needed vacation to Tahiti, in April. We’ve wanted to go there forever, and were just so excited to experience it together. On the third day of our trip, he had arranged a small boat to take us to a little island away from the main island of Moorea. The island was secluded with hardly any people on it. But, an excellent place to get away with your sweetheart, and get a full look at Moorea’s beauty. We were walking hand in hand along side the gorgeous white sandy beaches, and we found a great little spot to set up our things. I dropped my towels, and he began setting up the goPro to “Get a picture of us” I, thought nothing of it- he was always putting that camera on self timer to take pictures. As we walked out to the ocean side by side, he stopped me, turned towards me and looked right into my eyes. He was just holding me, and telling me how much he loved me. So many beautiful words came out of his mouth in that moment. He told me that today was a special day. because it was the day that my parents got married. (April 6.)

Immediately, I thought about my father- and how he passed away 3 years ago. Kuinise explained that he really would have liked to ask my father’s permission- but he asked my mom instead. The tears began to flow from both of our eyes, as I realized what was about to happen. The moment was absolute perfection. The scenery was breathtaking; Standing in the middle of that crystal clear turquoise ocean, and with the lush green mountains as our backdrop- I answered the easiest question I’ve ever been asked. A thousand times, yes. The smile still hasn’t left my face. I am so proud to be his fiance.

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