Mat and Rebecca

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Fredericksburg, Virginia

How We Met

I met Mat back in our freshman year of college. We had friended each other on Facebook back during the rush to friend everyone who was going to our same school. At the time there was an application called kidnap where people would kidnap each other in funny ways. He messaged me one day asking me to a party on campus. I went. We were just friends for all of college. After we had graduated we started talking again. We both admitted to liking each other for all of college but were too afraid to admit it. We talked every day. We didn’t want to make anything official because of the distance, he lived in California and I lived in Virginia. We kept visiting each other for 3 years before we made anything official.

how they asked

When he proposed we had gone back to Fredericksburg to visit for the weekend. It was where we had met and we both had always liked the town. It was a bit of a dreary day, raining on and off all day. We went to a distillery and a winery. Doing a different tour than we had ever done before. We had gone back to the hotel room to relax and freshen up before we went to dinner with one of his friends. There was a Harry Potter marathon on TV. We had been sitting and watching it when I got up to go get my shoes on. At that time he got down on one knee. I didn’t realize what he was doing at first because he had been hugging me. I started to sit down when he told me no and to get up. He asked me to marry him saying I had nice skin. It was a compliment that I think Ron had said to another character on the show. I was surprised. I said yes with no hesitation.

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