Massiel and Juan

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How We Met

We first met at the University, we were studying the same career, had some friends in common… I add him on twitter because I want to know him but he never followed me back and I just blocked him hahaha, then in one of our classes we were together for a presentation and I told him that why he never answer me request… He was surprised and he told me that he never saw that, We start talking like friends but we fall in love in less than nothing, was hard for me because was my first boyfriend so I was just going slow… We spend like a year talking without hanging out or something, He was always there for me no matter what, and one July 24 he asked me to be his girlfriend since that we are together… I feel he is the love of my life we have 3 years and 6 months together and are the best years of my life.

how they asked

New years eve 2016… He told me that we should do something different this time because was our first year away from home and just he and I… he told me to go to the peach drop at underground atlanta, was so weird because He loves being with family and was a surprise like he asked me to do that on new years eve… I was working a lot that day but really excited for the new yeas eve… We went to the peach drop having fun watching the performance and sharing time with the other people there… at mid night after new years kiss he told me hey lets take a picture of us with the fire works, I was so happy for everything and someone was taking a pic of us and he told me ok this is not a picture I just want to let you know that I love you you are the love of my life and i want you to be with me for the rest of my life will you marry me??

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