Chelsea and Mason

How We Met

We met in high school. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. It started out different for both of us, and I don’t connect the dots until later. There was this guy who would wave at me, and make weird faces at me, and I wasn’t sure why or what he was even doing. So one day I passed him going to class and said “hey so why do you keep making faces at me? Do you like not like me or something?” And he said “No, no, I don’t know why, I just wanted to see you smile.” And I said “Oh, well it made me uncomfortable.” And I walked away.

Later I would meet him that summer again. We went to a party, by party I don’t mean like a drinking, fun, any kind of anything party, like I had expected for high school. It was a birthday party, the worst ever. It was my friend’s 16th Birthday. It was the worst. We wore birthday hats, and had an awful scavenger hunt. But anyway later on in the night I start talking to the guy who made the faces. He introduced himself as Mason. And somehow we got to talking about relationships. I had a boyfriend at this time, but he was venting and talking to me about this girl he liked that didn’t really like him back. She wasn’t really everything he wanted but she was there. I told him “One day he’ll find a girl who will think the world of him and treat him how he’s suppose to feel. And he’d just be so in love. He just needed to be patient and not settle.” Well the next day he told me thanks and that I was easy to talk to. From there we kinda just stared taking more and more. Somewhere along the way that boyfriend disappeared for one reason or another. Then Mason invited me to his house for a bonfire. This is when I realized how cute he was! He opened up some conversation about God and we just never stopped talking from there. We talked about school, work, family, our childhoods, and even a little bit of which would you rather. We were the last two at his bonfire!

how they asked

The day of the proposal we spent at our favorite church, talked to our old youth minister, and then spent the afternoon shopping for house supplies! (Mason had just got approved to buy a house!) I knew I wanted a future with Mason, but I’m a very cautious person (mind you we’ve been dating three and a half years at this time), and while house supply shopping I thought I’d help pay for some stuff. So I offered to buy the pots and pans. With that I also told him “If we break up or something, I won’t take these back, they’re yours.”

I can’t imagine how nervous that must have made him, looking back now. We were really just killing time until these mysterious evening plans Mason had for us. After we got done shopping we stopped by his parents’ house to drop off the house supplies we had bought. While we were there he told me we had one more place to stop. So we head to the edge of town where there was this building I’ve never seen before.

Once we walked in, there was music playing. a woman greeted us and sat us down at our table, the only table there was in this cute decorated room. The table was decorated in lace and blue (which Mason picked out because blue is my favorite color.) There was a chalk board with the menu made out on it and Dr. Pepper on ice (also my favorite.) I started to realize this wasn’t a shop at all, it was our own dinner place. I didn’t know what was going on. The woman who served us our four course meal told us we should walk around, and told us that this was a wedding barn venue and it’s very beautiful. She also told us that there’s some stuff still up from the last wedding they had just had there. So after dessert, we walked out to this beautiful room with big fancy doors and a chandelier. Mason grabbed my hand and had pointed to the princess ring he had got me my Junior year of high school, and said “Do you know what that is?” And I said “My princess ring?” And he said “Yes, you’ve always been my princess, but I’d like you to be my queen.” Confused by this statement I just watched him get on one knee and say “Will you marry?” Now I don’t really remember what I said but I know I paused for a minute, in shock, and finally said “Uh huh.”

Right after I really realized what had happened, he said “Do you want to tell your friends?” And all of my closest friends came out from somewhere! And they all congratulated us! It was so sweet of him! I knew he was a hopeless romantic, but I didn’t know what he was capable of.”


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