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How We Met

In the year 2000 when I was 16 years old I was asked by a friend to come to a hockey game to meet a cute boy that she had a crush on. I remember the first moment I saw him like it was yesterday. He had frosted the tips of his hair and was wearing a baby blue turtleneck sweater, and I had on ultra cool leather pants that I had stolen from my sisters closet and a red turtleneck sweater. I took the matching turtlenecks as a sign that we were obviously meant to be. We chatted a bit at the game and both went home early as it was a school night.

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We connected on ICQ (the most popular messaging system at the time) and eventually spent night after night on the telephone (this was in the days before texting) until we were officially an item. We dated throughout our entire Grade 12 year until graduation. Cam had decided to pursue a career in Alberta but I wasn’t ready to leave my hometown in British Columbia so we parted ways. We both dated other people but both knew deep down that we were meant to be together. 3 years after graduation we reconnected at a country music festival and have been together ever since. 11 years later and we now have two beautiful children aged 7 and 8, and two funny looking hairless cats.

how they asked

I was booked to photograph a wedding in Phoenix, Arizona so we decided to make it a family vacation. One excursion I was dying to do in Arizona was go to Yuma to see the sand dunes and take photos at such a stunning location. A friend had come to stay with us in Arizona for a week so I asked her if she would be willing to take a couple of family photos of us at the sand dunes with my camera if I set it up for her. She happily obliged so we planned a day trip to Yuma. Golden hour is my favorite time to shoot so we planned to be there right before sunset. I took some photos of my friend while my children happily played running up and down the dunes. The light was just perfect so I set up my camera settings, showed my friend how to focus, and told her where to point and shoot. I grabbed my kids and Cam and we started walking down the crest of a sand dune hand in hand.

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Cam stopped and said “how’s the light right here?’ to which I replied “its absolutely perfect!” and that’s when he dropped down on one knee and pulled out the most gorgeous ring I have ever seen! My children gasped and laughed with happiness that it was actually happening.

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It was an amazing moment. I love that Cam asked about the light before he proposed as he’s heard me go on and on for years about how much I love the golden sunset light, so he waited for the absolute best time to propose and made sure it was on camera.

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My friend took some more pictures of us as we watched the sun go down and the sky turn purple. I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal and it was definitely worth the very long wait. We are getting married May 16/2017 in the heart of Tuscany, Italy with our family and close friends.

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