MaryCate and Carson

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How We Met

My first job out of college was to sell shoes at a big name department store. Since moving in with your parents is the most logical move I moved straight back in after school. I would commute an hour to help old ladies pick the best shoe for them (which then would be returned the following day). I became very close with a girl named Blair, she was funny and we had a lot to talk about at all times.

She then showed me a picture of her…brother. Tall and handsome and he skateboarded (added plus) I begged her to set me up but she said no because we were friends. A few years later…that changed.

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My name is MaryCate and as you can tell it is a very uncommon name (unless you’re a famous twin), So, in February 2014 Blair told me that her brother (we now know as Carson) started dating a girl named MaryKate. I was shocked and being silly said ‘THIS. IS. FATE.’

Well that MaryKate is a fool because she dumped him and I had the opportunity to make him mine. A simple click on Facebook and we haven’t missed a day of speaking yet.

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how they asked

4th of July weekend, came to PA to visit my family, I woke up on the 3rd and said we should go to Blue Bridge Waterfall which was a place I went to frequently as teenager. My mom,dad, sister, brother in law, nephew (4) and niece (1) were all in attendance.

We got to the falls and you have to go over a ‘no trespassing’ bridge. Carson goes over the bridge and I was hesitant because my sister needed help with the kids….so I thought. He finally convinced me to get over the other side of the bridge but me being me said ‘will you please have some patience and let me help them out’ he continued to ask me to go with him down the trail…I refused, saying i needed to help them, again completely oblivious to what was going on.

He then gave me that look THE look and I simply said ‘You’re acting weird.’ he replied ‘No I am not’ I said again ‘Yes you are’ he then turned and said ‘well this might be why’ I start saying ‘This isnt funny, this isnt funny you are kidding etc’ he said with conviction ‘ I am not kidding’ and got down on one knee while pulling the ring out of his pocket. ‘ You are my best friend, you are the love of my life, I dont know what I would do without you, MaryCate, will you marry me?’

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I of course being as stubborn as i seem in this story while I look at the rock in front of me ‘Thats not real!’ he said yes it is and I said ‘ Of course I will marry you!!!!!!’

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We did after all go to the waterfall and ‘took the plunge’ into 50 degree waters.

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Totally worth it. Totally ready!

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