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How We Met

It was a classic millennial tale of love at first swipe. Jordan and I met on Bumble by both swiping right on July 30th 2016. And we barely did, with a whopping 29-mile distance difference and a 30-mile max setting on Bumble, grateful we were at the right place at the right time when our profiles popped up. Actually, our relationship is filled with these kinds of moments. Ask us sometime about them, we’d love to share; they are a true testament to God’s handiwork, as is our story, but for now we are just trying to keep things short and sweet. So, after swiping right, a Jimmy Fallon gif, and a few kind and funny conversations later, we ended up meeting up for some chai tea lattes at Starbucks on August 10th. Thankfully we were both who we said we were (the first thing Jordan noticed), and I’d say we “hit it out of the park” and liked each other a “latte” so much so that we stayed at that Starbucks for about three hours, sharing our love for Jesus, travel, adventure, puns, and Braves baseball. I mean I guess you could even say that the rest is history, but there is so much more beauty to the story. And after all, it’s just the beginning chapter of this next adventure in our lives.

how they asked

Jordan here, so MaryAnn had no idea that a lunch date would turn into a proposal. Actually, she is still wondering when we’re going to get lunch, haha. It started with a dream vacation for both of us to go to Ireland. It was one of the first places we always wanted to visit together. Therefore, when we found out this would be a real possibility this summer, we had many dinner dates to plan this out and make this become a reality. Little did she know I was planning more than just a trip together.

When we arrived the host Gill, pronounced Jill, like Jack and Jill (Sorry for actually pronouncing it “gill” when I first got there) did so great leading us to the spot. She offered her 1965 Jaguar in mint condition, in a perfect shade of crystal blue might I add, to ride around in to see a beautiful park near by while my mom and best friend went down to the Pier on the Shannon river to set everything up. We took our time to allow for mom and Ryan to have it all together. From the park we drove to the pier with Gill. Gill suggested we get out and walk while she turned the car around (good call, Gill).

We got out of the car to walk about 500 yards. I started looking left and right for this spot with a chalkboard that’s flipped backwards and a bottle of champagne. As we got close to the pier we noticed some people at the end of it. MaryAnn asked, “Is that Mom and Ryan?” And I responded with, “I think so”, not wanting to give anything away. Ironically, she also asked what my favorite part of the trip was thus far. I just let out a light laugh and we shared our favorite moments, which helped ease the nerves. We then spotted MaryAnn’s mustard yellow jacket, a jacket she fell in love with while shopping in Belfast, against the wall and walked over. The mustard yellow came in handy in the search for the location.

Next to it was the bottle and champagne and the chalkboard turned over. Everything had a special significance. The chalkboard is significant because MaryAnn has a big chalkboard that is always decorated and that is the chalkboard that I asked her to be my valentine on (thankfully she already said yes to that too), as well as, the count down to Ireland on it. At the top of the chalkboard was a king of pops popsicle-stick glued to it that read, “Will you marry me?” This is significant because she got this on one of our first dates in Atlanta. The champagne was just significant in celebrating, of course!

So finally at the spot with all these significant items, overlooking the Shannon River in Ireland, I told her that I love her and want to do this adventure called life with her forever. Then I got down on one knee and asked her along with showing her the chalk board, “Will you Marry Me?”. She said yaaasss and I swiftly grabbed the ring and put it on her finger. Got a big honk from Gill in the jag and popped the bottle of champagne. We celebrated the fact that she will soon be a Brinkley!

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Hugs, tears, & cheers all around! I couldn’t picture this any other way as I originally thought to propose on the cliff of Moher but this was unexpectedly more!(No pun intended ;) )

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From the pier we hopped in the car and spent the rest of the day at the Cliffs anyway and found dinner just up the road in Doolin, Ireland where we were celebrated by the friendliest people in the most wonderful of places! The people are the reason we fell in Ireland. It started with Gill who was in on the proposal. Next, was the father and son sitting next to us at dinner and also the coffee barista who both got us another bottle of champagne. So many congrats from the locals, where one guy even picked MaryAnn off the ground hugging her so big. God’s love for us is so evident in this all as well as the love we feel from so many during this time! We can’t wait for many more adventures together in the biggest one called life!

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