Maryam and Pedram

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How We Met

I (Maryam) had moved back to Los Angeles after being in Utah for grad school and was looking for jobs in the area. I ended up getting a great opportunity in San Diego but I was very hesitant to move. During that time I downloaded Hinge and set my location to San Diego and that is when I matched with Pedram. From the very first message, it was so easy for us to talk to one another and the conversation never felt forced. I was asking him about the different neighborhoods of SD and his thoughts on the area. I also told him I was not yet set on moving to the area. Fast forward two weeks later when I finally moved to SD but that same day he was flying out to Europe. Miraculously we kept the conversation going while he was on another continent (and we know how easy it is for online conversations to fizzle out quickly) and when he came back after over a month of just texting we finally met in person on July 29th, 2021. Since then we have gone to numerous concerts and have traveled all along California (Napa, palms springs, LA) and the world (Mexico, Panama, France) together.

How They Asked

We decided to go on a trip to France together at the beginning of September. While there the whole time he kept talking to me about going to a speakeasy rooftop but I didn’t find it too odd because we had gone to one in Mexico City and it was a unique experience. So we get to this apartment building (which I thought was odd but then again that’s the point of the speakeasy) and we go up the elevator. As soon as I exit the elevator I could hear the intense melody of John Legends’ “made to love” where I then see the “will you marry me sign”. And the rest is magical as you can see in the video.

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