Marya and Dylan

image3How we met (his side) My friend tried to hit on her girlfriend. It was an epic fail — but not before I got Marya’s number. The only problem was the iphone auto corrected her name to “medal.” So we went on our first date and I didn’t know her name and apparently she couldn’t quite remember what I looked like.

how they asked (her side): All week I had been bugging my now fiance (Dylan) about our sub-par tickets to Kings of Leon. You see, it was my first time ever going to the Hollywood Bowl, and I was beyond excited. That Friday night, I came home to an empty loft that was so quite it was creepy. I knew Dylan was up to something.

I called Dylan to ask him where he was, and he said he was at the drugstore buying “necessities” He game home acting like a giddy child. When I asked him what he needed to buy at the drugstore, he showed me his Halloween Pez dispenser. Needless to say his poker face needs works. He told me we needed to make a quick stop at the Montalban Theater to check the space out for a TV Show he was producing.

Of course, I whined, I was all dressed up and SO ready to get to the Hollywood Bowl. When we got to the Montalban theater we were warmly greeted by a tour guide of sorts. He started telling us about the history of the place.

It was completely empty, and at this point I thought someone was definitely going to be jumping out at any moment. We finally circle around to the main screening room which seats 970. Dylan says “Lets test it out” To which I replied “test what out ?!” At that point he pretty much pushed into a seat. That’s when the short film of our 2 and a half years together began, and so did the tears.

It was so sentimental, and just perfect. At the end of the film there was a video of my Mother and Aunt sending their love and congratulations.

At this point my eyes were like Niagara falls. The movie ended and Dylan got down on one knee. Two of his friends also came out of the woodworks with cameras in hand. He posed the long awaited question, and of course I accepted the challenge.

I typically don’t wear any jewelry whatsoever, but I was blown away by how beautiful the ring was. From there We scurried off to the Kings of Leon Concert. As we were making our way to our seats I realized we weren’t going to the original spot I was emailed. Not only were we headed to the front row, two of our best friends were waiting for us with Champagne in hand. Again the waterworks were on!

After an awesome concert we headed home. As we were heading towards the door I could hear a lot of noise coming from the apt. When I opened the door, I was greeted by a group of my family and friends, my favorite golden doodle, a DJ, and even a bartender! Dylan had even flown my sister from FL. I couldn’t believe how long all these people had been lying to me!! It was definitely the best night of my life.

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