Marya and Christopher

How We Met

Christopher and I met at Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia! We both worked there the summer of 2013 through the summer of 2014. My maid of honor, Kasey, officially introduced us at a pool bar near the park. We quickly became friends because I had to call on his expertise often at work. I was a stage manager for the summer season, and he was the lighting supervisor for the park, so he would have to come to the various stages I was working to fix lighting issues. After a few months of friendship, we started dating. After a little over a year, he moved down to Florida with me so I could pursue my dreams of a career with Disney!

Proposal Ideas Epcot at Walt Disney World

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I had three stipulations for a proposal: 1) It HAD to be at Disney World! I am a Cast Member, and I am absolutely obsessed with everything Disney. 2) There HAD to be photos! 3) I wanted there to be Guests to cheer for us! Christopher met all these stipulations and certainly exceeded my expectations! On July 31st, just shy of our two year anniversary, he woke me up early in the morning, saying we had to go somewhere. I was so confused because I did not have any plans until lunch time, but he insisted that we had somewhere to be. Suddenly it dawned on me: it was HAPPENING! I put on a cute dress and made sure my hair looked nice. Then we got in the car, and I was so excited when we started driving towards Disney World! We got to Epcot, and I kept asking him when and where it was going to happen! Christopher knows that I love stopping at Photopass locations for pictures, so he made us stop at every one we passed to throw me off. We went on a couple rides, then around 11am, he said we had to go to the World Showcase. We continued to stop for photos along the way. Then we got to the France pavilion, the location of one of my favorite photos of the two of us. So Christopher said, “Why don’t we go recreate that photo you love?” We stood in front of the replica of the Eiffel Tower and posed for a couple photos. Then he got down on one knee, and I pretty much blacked out for his speech because I was so excited. I did not even let him get the ring on my finger (he was trying to put it on the wrong one!) before I pulled him up, screaming yes! Then I heard cheering, and I assumed it was Guests in the park that had witnessed the proposal. I looked over my shoulder, and a group of my best friends were there, including Kasey, the friend who had introduced us, all the way from Virginia! It was the biggest surprise ever!!! I didn’t think I would cry during my proposal, but that did it! And the Photopass photographer was there to document the whole thing! Later I learned that our friends had downloaded an app on their phones and Christopher’s phone that could track where we were so that they would not run into us before the proposal. Talk about planning!


We all spent a lovely day at Epcot, which included telling my favorite character, Belle, about the proposal. Then in the late afternoon, Christopher told me that there were more surprises in store! We hopped on a monorail and ended up having dinner at the Grand Floridian Resort! After our meal, I said that I was very tired from the day, and Christopher said that we could go relax upstairs. I was in shock. He had booked us a room at the Grand Floridian, something that has always been on my bucket list!!!! I was concerned that I didn’t have any of my things, but Christopher had thought of everything! Earlier in the day, my friends had come to the house to pack a weekend bag for me, which they brought with them to Epcot. Somehow Christopher got them his car keys, so they could drive his car, with our bags, to the Grand Floridian while we rode the monorail!


When we went to check in at the front desk, we were BOTH in for a big surprise! My friend who is a Concierge Cast Member had called ahead and gotten us upgraded to a club level room! Our room was beautiful, and we had a gorgeous view of Cinderella Castle from our balcony! We were able to watch the Wishes fireworks show sitting on our balcony. It was the most perfect, magical day in the entire world. A magical beginning to our fairy tale!



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