Mary Lou and Emmanuel

How We Met

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(Photo: Our first New Year’s kiss)

Our story starts just shy of a decade ago. We live in a pretty small town where everyone kind of knows each other so we occasionally passed each other in the halls but never really noticed. It was winter of 2006 and it all began with a casual introduction by a mutual friend, we say hello and part ways. I knew then that there was something about him in that moment but months passed and nothing really came of it. Until one spring day at home I hear something in my front yard. The gate at my house makes this really distinct sound when it is being opened so I knew someone was outside. I waited a minute but still no knock, so I peeked out the window and there he was, standing on my front porch. To this day, I always joke that Meno just showed up one day and never left but it was the best thing that has ever happened to me and we’ve been doing life together ever since.
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how they asked

New Years Eve has a special place in our hearts because we hold an annual New Years Eve party at our home with our best friends and family. Since we do it every year nothing seemed out of the ordinary. The day comes, the party starts and the night goes on without a hitch.

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We drank, we ate, we laughed and danced our way into the living room where we all stood in a circle to watch the clock count down. It’s two minutes until midnight and we all raise our glasses to make our usual toast, “Arriba, abajo, al centro, pa’ dentro!” Which translates to, you are never above me, you are never below me, never away from me and always with me.” As the 10 second count down began, I turn to Meno and he’s already looking at me…5, 4, 3, 2, 1…Happy New Year! We smile at each other and lean in for our first kiss of the year and for a moment time felt like it stood still. Confetti in the air, Sam Felt’s “Show me Love” is playing in the back ground and as we part, he gets down on one knee. Before I could realize what was even happening, he opens the prettiest silver box with our anniversary engraved on the top, he opens the box and says, “will you marry me?” I was so surprised that I didn’t even give him an immediate answer, after our friends and family noticed what was happening (my sister was the only one who knew!) they all screamed and celebrated as I nodded with tears in my eyes and replied, of course I will!

Meno didn’t hire a photographer or videographer because our party was a small, intimate group setting and it would have spoiled the surprise. Instead one of my best friends got it all on polaroid film, which is my absolute favorite.

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It happened exactly how I always wanted, with Meno as the man on one knee. After he proposed we took some private time to ourselves to really live in the moment, just us two. He told me what he had practiced to say to me, before the nerves took over and we ended the another year and a started a new one the way we always do, with love.

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