Mary Lauren and Houston

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How We Met

Houston and I both grew up in Shreveport, LA where we were born and raised. Houston is a few years older than me so we knew of each other in high school but that’s about it! He went to Ole Miss for college and I stayed home for school. I had a friend tell me that his parents had built a house across the street from my parents. A few weeks later Houston was home for Christmas break and a bunch of us were out I went up to him and asked how his parents were liking their new house, he said they loved it and that I should stop by sometime. At the time I was not interested and knew he was going back to school. Months later we began to Snapchat and text, he came home for Mother’s Day and we went on our first date to the infamous Chillis I have been hooked ever since. We were in a long-distance relationship for 4 years and a little over a year ago I finally moved to Forney, TX where he was living it was the best decision I ever made and I’m so thankful to be with Houston.

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How They Asked

On Saturday, May 9th, 2020 I got the surprise of a lifetime, my best friend and boyfriend of 5 years asked me to marry him I obviously said, YES!!! I did not have any idea considering he had been telling me he was not planning on doing any proposing until 2021, he also mentioned we would go look at rings before (which we never did) he wouldn’t even look at rings I would trying showing him on Pinterest!! Little did I know he told his parents and sisters at Christmas that he wanted to marry me and planned on asking me during our beach vacation in May.

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Right around or before Christmas time his parents came in town and we went shopping we went into the David Yurman store and me just being a typical girl went over to look at the engagement rings I found the exact style I wanted and showed his mom saying if the time ever came she would be able to help him out lol little did I know it was coming sooner than I thought! During the week before our beach trip my Dad, brother, sister, and their significant others went on a trip to Broken Bow which I was kind of bummed about cause I hate to miss out, but was excited about a nice beach vacay!

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Then my mom said she and my aunt were in Baton Rouge for work. So Friday once we got off work Houston, his sister Caroline, and I headed to Shreveport to his parents’ house, we loaded up the car and drove to Mississippi to stay with his dad’s mom to help break up our trip. We woke up Saturday loaded up the car and were on our way to the beach! Upon getting there I asked his mom where we would be having dinner she happily replied, “Louisiana Lagniappe”. I was so excited this is our favorite place to eat at the beach. As soon as we got to the house Houston was ready to walk down to the beach so off me and him went. When we got to the beach and I decided to facetime my mom and sister mom was in the car with AuntMandy heading to get taco bell and Micky was with my brother and his girlfriend heading home from Broken Bow……or so they said lol!!!

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We got back to the house I started getting ready for dinner with his sisters. It is tradition while we are at the beach to walk down the pier and watch the sunset every night so that was our plan before heading to dinner. It was getting close to the time for us to walk down there and no lie Houston had been upstairs getting ready for an hour and me being impatient was ready to go so I call him and he finally comes down! Just I and he started walking down because Lauren and Caroline were supposedly at best buy and Mrs. Rhonda and Mr. Ben were coming behind us!

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As we are walking to the pier Houston grabs my hand which I thought was strange because he never does that so I asked him why he was holding my hand his response was that we were on vacation and he was just in the mood lol!! We start walking up the pier to a tee box on the golf course I immediately notice the flowers and candles, but my initial thoughts were that someone had either left that there or Houston was just trying to be romantic but not that he was about to PROPOSE!!!

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We make it to the tee box surrounded by the flowers and candles, he grabs both of my hands and tells me he has been wanting to say this for a really long time that he loves me so much and doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life with anyone else ( he definitely said more but I kind of blacked out for a little bit lol) he proceeds to get down on one knee and ask me to marry him I SAID YES he then tells me that my whole family is here and both of our families come running out to us on the tee box!!

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I was in such shock the whole night because I had no idea and that was the best part being so surprised it was something I will never forget and always be thankful for!! Houston really outdid himself on the proposal and my ring was exactly what I wanted. One of my favorite things is that he surprised me one by proposing and second by having my whole family there because he knew how important that was to me and made it happen! I AM SO EXCITED TO MARRY MY BESTFRIEND!!!!

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