Mary Katherine and Justin

How We Met

On Cinco De Mayo of last year, a mutual friend set us up on a double date. A sunset beach date and a 6-hour hike later— the rest is history. MK fell in love with his consistency, heart, humor, work ethic, and passion for family. What she didn’t know at the time was that years prior to meeting Justin had seen her in a dream, and he knew she was the one because he recognized her. Justin always adds, “but you can’t say that on a first date, because it’s creepy.” More than anything he fell in love with her compassion, brilliance, capacity, and love for people. Six months later we were talking about marriage and eight months later on New Year’s Eve, he proposed.

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How They Asked

On New Year’s Eve, Justin told MK that they were going to a party with some friends. But instead of walking to the car, he took her down to the beach. She had to take off her high heels and put on sneakers to climb the rocks! She already had a clue what was going on, because as she was getting dressed he played cheesy love songs through the house intercom. He also had been very quiet for the entire afternoon. When they arrived at the spot, two musicians were playing their favorite song.

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That’s when he dropped to one knee and told her this story: The week before the proposal Justin got a call from the ring dealer. They let him know that something had happened for the first time in the history of the company. They cut the diamond wrong. It was explained that in order to get the ring made in time for the proposal, they would have to gift him a diamond worth double the value. Justin felt that this was a prophetic picture of our relationship. The “double portion” is a type of blessing that we have studied as a couple.

Special Thanks

David Parks
 | Photographer