Mary Elizabeth and Matt

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How We Met

Matt and I both are students are Troy University. I was a freshman and Matt a sophomore. We had mutual friends, Nick and Stella Krajkiak, but we both had never officially met. In all honesty I did not even know Matt existed. I am huge baseball fan and I try to attend all of the university baseball games. On April 12, 2015, Nick texted me to make sure that I was still coming to the game that afternoon. It started to sprinkle outside, so I informed Nick that I would not be able to come. Well that was not the answer Nick and Stella wanted, so basically I was dragged into going to this baseball game. I reluctantly walked into the stadium and found where my friends were sitting. I noticed there was a random guy sitting next to them. I tried to go around this random guy, but all my friends made it clear I had to sit in that spot.

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Well I was polite and introduced myself to this stranger, who ended up being Matt Young. I normally watch baseball games extremely close, but I did the exact opposite for this game. Matt and I talked the whole game about anything and everything. When the seventh inning stretch was coming, I got super excited because I knew they were about to throw free peanuts! I told Matt how I loved this part of the game and I hoped that I would catch some. As the employees started to throw the peanuts, a bag headed straight in my direction. This couple was in front of me and the bag was clearly going towards them, but next thing I knew Matt’s arm reached out in front of me and grabbed the peanuts. Matt then looked at me and said that I could have them. Sadly, the peanuts were gross but it made a good joke.

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After the baseball game was over, Matt and I went our separate ways. To this day I do not remember whether or not the Troy Trojans one or lost. Leaving that game I felt differently about meeting Matt than I ever had felt about meeting someone else for the first time. Fun fact: Matt and I both got ice cream after the game just from different places. Later on that night, I kept receiving Snapchat pictures from Nick of Matt with Matt’s username. I thought this was extremely weird, so I asked Nick to stop. Nick told me not until I added Matt as my friend. Already annoyed with how persist my friends can be, I added Matt as a friend. (Matt received the notification and said who is “mstew_merica” and thankfully added me back when he found out it was me. Matt still to this day calls me “mstew”)

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Throughout the next couple of days I was in constant contact with Matt. He asked me if I wanted to get lunch and I told him I would love too. We ate outside because it was a beautiful day and I was so nervous I couldn’t finish my sandwich, so I gave him my second half. We like to call this our “pre-date” because after the lunch we walked to our next class and he stopped and asked me if he could take me on an actual date. I freaked out on the inside but I said of course and we decided a time. (Remember that half of a sandwich I gave Matt, well apparently he was so nervous after he asked me on a date, he dropped it as soon as he walked into the building.)

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April 23, 2015 came around fast and I still remember waking up that morning trying to find something cute to wear. I had a class right before our lunch date and I was impatient the whole class time. Thankfully my professor let us out early, so I was able to run back to my room to freshen up. At 12:45PM, Matt Young picked me up in my dorm room parking lot and we went downtown to Momma Goldberg’s. We talked the whole time and afterwards we got icecream from a local restaurant. When we arrived back on campus Matt and I said our goodbyes, and he gave me a hug. Before he walked away, I asked if I could have another hug, which is so unlike me, and Matt gave me the hug and a kiss on the forehead. I was in heaven.

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I knew that I this guy was special and after spending much time with him I knew that I wanted to be his girlfriend. Crazy freshmen Mary had this long list of things that a guy needed to do before they could be her boyfriend. After explaining it to Matt, I knew he thought I was crazy. On the top of the list was, we both had to meet each other’s families. We sure enough we did and both our families loved the other person.

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May 9, 2015 we had lunch with his family. Afterwards Matt took me to the Alabama Shakespeare Festival park. We walked around and looked at the ducks and all the beautiful trees. We found a nice picnic bench to sit at, so we sat and talked. A little into our conversation, Matt asked me to look at the able and when I did carved on the table was “Mary will u be my gf?” I looked up at him after I read it and of course I said yes.

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This was the beginning of the Matt and Mary aka M&M stories. We have had so many wonderful experiences throughout the over two years of dating. I truly believe attending that specific baseball game was one of the best decisions I have ever made, because at that game I met my best friend.

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how they asked

September 19, 2017 a day that I will always remember. I volunteer at a nursing home in Troy throughout the week and Matt has been such a huge helper by taking me there while my car was being fixed. After my class got out, I told Matt I was on my way and he said he had a surprise for me. I was so excited because I love surprises! He was standing outside of his car with a to-go box and when I opened it, there was an eclair from a local pastry shop that we both love to go to. I went to the nursing home and when Matt picked me up, he seemed so happy to see me. We got lunch together like usual and while at lunch he asked me if we could go on a date for dinner. I said yes because who doesn’t love dinner dates! Matt had a night class that he thought was canceled, but ended up still going on so he asked me if I could wait until he was finished. When he picked me up, he asked if we could go to Momma Goldberg’s, and I at the time did not think anything of it because we haven’t eaten there all semester so I was thrilled we were getting to! He said we should have a picnic, but I soon as we pulled up it started to pour rain! It literally came out of no where. We quickly ran inside and of course decided to eat in doors. When we finished eating, the rain had stopped so Matt suggested we go sit on the swing we like to sit in. (Remember how Matt carved into the picnic table, well in this swing he carved into the dirt M+M. This is when people started referring to us as M&M).

After walking to the swing, the seat was soaked from the rain so we decided to sit under the gazebo. We decided to play games like “I Spy” or “Guessing Games” because we love to do that for fun. The third game Matt suggested was 20 questions. Disclosure: The month before I thought Matt was going to propose to me. Multiple dates and situations arose, but of course none of them were the time. I was at first extremely discouraged, but then I began to appreciate the anticipation. One of these situations was when we went to a park on campus, and Matt and I played 20 questions and I truly thought the last question was going to be “Will you marry me” but in fact it was not. This round of 20 questions was completely different because the questions were more in depth. During this whole time of playing games, it begins to rain really hard. Thankfully we were under the gazebo and we didn’t really get wet.

Throughout the night Matt kept asking me if “this was romantic” and I kept laughing and saying “yes of course.” The last time he asked me this question, he asked me to hold a rosary that I gave him from New Orleans (Matt converted to Catholicism April 2017 and I am a craddle Catholic. Our faith is extremely important to the both of us).

After I held the rosary, he asked me if I thought that he had asked my dad for permission to marry me. I said I did not know and he begin to get a little teary eyed (which he will deny, but it is true). He told me that he drove to my hometown, the day before and took my dad out to dinner and my dad said yes. Right after he told me that, Matt got down on one knee and said “Mary Elizabeth Stewart, will you marry me?” I freaked out and said “YES!!!!” Looking at the picture, someone can obviously tell that we were super excited. We immediately called all of our family and cherished so many kind words. We truly are blessed to have such a huge support system. In all honesty, I was so surprised and I did not expect it to happen when it did.

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