Mary and Drew's Proposal in Maui

Maui Proposal 3

How We Met: Drew and I actually met when our mutual friend Jordan, tried to set me up with one of Drew’s best friend, Adam. Jordan had texted me for weeks before the big “date night,” stating how perfect she thought Adam and I would be for each other because of our background and overlapping interests, so of course, I was a little nervous (but definitely excited) for the date!

The night of our date, we were suppose to meet at Barca, a really popular bar in Capitol Hill, one of Seattle’s neighborhoods with a great nightlife. I had already made my way into the bar and had grabbed a drink, sitting at one of the cocktail tables: a few minutes later, Adam texted me saying he was running late, so, with all my nerves, I decided a second drink would be a great idea; by the time Adam texted me and said he was outside and just about to come in, I was a little happy tipsy.

When Adam walked in, I was slightly confused when a tall, handsome blonde man walked up with him as well. They both introduced themselves, and that’s when it clicked: Adam brought a wing man on our blind date, and unfortunately for Adam, I immediately felt a strong attraction the tall, blonde hair, blue-eyed man. Drew was a little oblivious at first of my obsession with him, but as we got a little more settled into our night and went around the Capitol Hill bars, we talked, we got to know each other, and we realized how much we really honestly liked each other.

After that first night, we’ve never spent a day a part.
Maui Proposal

how they asked: Drew and I had planned our Hawaii getaway months in advance (I mean, 8 months in advance), and the anticipation was building as we attended one of our good friend’s wedding who would also be in Maui the same week we would be (where I actually caught the bride’s bouquet!); we couldn’t wait to jet off to paradise!

Maui Proposal 2

Drew proposed on August 1st, 2015 in Maui, Hawaii! I had a suspicion that he might be itching to “pop the question,” so I kept on hinting at it, joking how beautiful the Maui sunset backdrop would be for a proposal, but he would laugh and then would say something along the lines of how the ring wasn’t ready yet, how the diamond wasn’t set, and even if it was, I probably would’ve seen it while going through security, so he really threw me off track. I finally accepted that it probably wouldn’t happen the week we were in Hawaii.

On the very last night, we were getting dressed for dinner: I originally put on a maroon dress and Drew looked over at me and said “hmm, you know, that dress doesn’t look too good on you, why don’t you try the teal one?” I kind of gasped and told him how rude he was, asking what was wrong with the maroon dress. He said: “oh no, that’s not what I meant! I mean, I just really love that teal dress, it’s definitely my favorite… I think you should wear it tonight!” So, I laughed and said fine, I’ll put on that teal dress. As we walked down to the parking lot, Drew told me that our friends (the same ones that just got married and also happened to be in Maui!), found an amazing beach spot that happened to be near where we were going to dinner to watch the sunset from face-on, and it was just the perfect time to catch it!

Maui Proposal 5

From our hotel, we drove north and turned off at Kapalau Bay Beach and actually waited as another bride was shooting her sunset shots, and then headed about 100 yards down the coved beach.


As we set our stuff down, Drew said he really wanted to put his feet in the water – I really fought him on this, I really, really did not want to get my feet wet and have sand stick to me! – he obviously ignored my pleas and headed towards the water where the waves break the sand. He stood there and waited for me, and when I met him, he smiled, grabbing both my hands in his. He looked me in the eyes and said: “Mary Patricia Hill…” – at this moment, I simply stated “Oh. My. God.” as the man I loved so much, took a knee before me.


I’ll be honest, I blacked out a little as he went into his speech and pulled out an amazing, beautiful halo cushion-cut ring. Of course, I said “YES! YES, OF COURSE!”


After Drew got up, he started looking left and right. I was confused and asked “what, who are you looking for!” thinking maybe he had asked our friends to join our celebration, but then as I looked to my left, I finally saw the hidden photographer Drew had hired, snapping away to capture our moment as the sun finally set in Maui



Photography: Jen Spears of Maui Photography by Jen