Mary Catherine and Joel

How We Met

Joel and I went to two different high schools and met through mutual friends. When we first met, there was an immediate infatuation between the two of us! We even dated for a bit when we were younger but ended up going our separate ways. We both attended college at the University of Alabama where we ran into each other constantly and kept in contact throughout the years. Joel got a little yellow lab puppy in our sophomore year in college and as soon as I saw pictures, I had to get my hands on that baby! I asked him if I could babysit, and he agreed…I think he wanted to see me just as badly as I did him ;)! Anyway, as soon as he brought his puppy over to my house we began reconnecting all over again. From that point forward, I truly don’t remember a day we didn’t talk or each see other. We began dating shortly after. Since then, we have been through a lot of ups and downs together. We have grown and learned so much as a couple. I think that’s what makes our relationship the way it is today… and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mary Catherine and Joel's Engagement in Austin, TX

How They Asked

Joel’s new job brought him to Austin, TX. He had asked me to plan to come out for the first weekend in October because he had a work event and dinner with some “important customers” at the beautiful Omni Barton Creek Resort. We went to the hotel on Thursday and I was in awe at how gorgeous it was. I think I said maybe 20 times how it would be the perfect place for an engagement or wedding! Little did I know… Joel had plans for us all day on Friday. He was going to play golf with his customers and he had made an appointment for me at the spa to get a massage. Needless to say, it had already started out perfect. What I didn’t know was that Joel actually wasn’t playing golf. He was running around the resort with our FAMILY and FRIENDS who traveled to plan and make this day beyond perfect.

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He came and got me from the spa after my massage was over and said we were going shopping because he needed a new jacket for the work dinner that night, so we spent the day away from the resort (so that I wouldn’t run into all of our guests)! We came back to the hotel to get dressed for dinner and Joel was pacing the room. I asked him why he was so nervous and he assured me that it was just a really big night for work and that the customers were really important to their business. I DIDN’T SUSPECT A THING! We went down to the hotel bar to have a drink before dinner and Joel suggested we go out on the patio to meet up with his boss before dinner and see the beautiful views. We walked outside and I saw a bucket of champagne with two glasses with the most beautiful backdrop of views that stretch for miles.

Mary Catherine's Proposal in Austin, TX

I remember nudging Joel and saying “that is the sweetest thing… I wonder who it is for” when he turned around and grabbed my hands and said that it was for me. I honestly didn’t even process that until I felt his hands shaking and saw his eyes fill up with happy tears. He told me that it has always been me that he wanted to spend forever with and that he couldn’t imagine a life without me. My heart had never been more whole in my entire life. He continued to tell me the sweetest and most thoughtful words while he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. When he reached in his pocket and pulled out my dream ring, I truly didn’t think this was even real.

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After I told him I absolutely would marry him, I heard cheers and screaming from behind us, but they were saying our names and saying how much they loved us. I knew that couldn’t be the hotel guests, so I turned around to see what was going on. All of our family and friends who traveled all the way to Austin for us were standing on the balcony cheering us on and I have never been more shocked and overwhelmed with love and gratitude in my life. He even had a photographer to capture every emotion so that we could look back at this moment forever. We spent the evening and the rest of the weekend celebrating in pure bliss. Not only that we get to spend a lifetime together, but that we are incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people who love and support us as we walk through life together. My husband to be planned the most wonderful moment of my life and the happy tears haven’t stopped yet.

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